The Secular Hatred of Prayer

Nothing Above the State.

Nothing Outside the State.

All Under the State!

– the usual Collectivist Babble, Red or Black.

Now, on to the news…

In the most aggressive action ever taken by an Australian government to attack freedom of religion, the Labor Government in Victoria proposes to make it a criminal offence, punishable by several years’ imprisonment, for a person to pray with another person about issues they are having concerning their sexual orientation or gender identity. It will not be a defence that the person actually wanted prayer.

In order to convict someone of a criminal offence, the prosecution will have to demonstrate that injury has occurred to the person being prayed for and that the person praying with that person is negligent as to whether engaging in prayer will cause injury. While these additional requirements will make it difficult for the prosecution to achieve a conviction in such a case, laws of this kind have a chilling effect on people’s behaviour. That is, pastors and other faith leaders may feel they cannot pray with a person in need about issues of same-sex attraction or gender identity for fear that the police will come knocking at the door.

No Labor Government minister who pretends otherwise should be believed.

Victorian Labor makes prayer a criminal offence by Freedom for Faith

No secular state can tolerate any authority above itself.

Moreover, no secular state can conceive of any action or word or piece of property, however private, being outside of its control or jurisdiction.

Most Christians, like most Israelites under Pharaoh, will be content under such tyranny, so long as the government checks continue. “Keep the leeks and onions of Egypt flowing!”

Actual believers, who have no time for political idolatry, will have to work out how to resist the wold-be-Lord and Gods of our lives.

It will be difficult now, but — as the God-State and grasping secularistic theocracies fail….

“Don’t say the wrong kind of prayer to the wrong sort of God!

Say the right kind of prayer to the right sort of God — the kind of deity that have been Approved and Certified!”

…it will get easier as time goes on.

The universe does not belong to the State. It belongs to God.

People — including what they say, and what they own, and what they do — do not belong to the Collective. Not to the Church. Not to Mom and Dad.

They belong to God.

Every idol – of every religion, natural or supernatural – can and will be toppled. It just takes time, commitment, and perseverance.

As the end of the Roman God-Emperors (…or the Egyptian Pharaohs…) shows.

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