Mayflower II, A Christian Sci-fi Story.

Amateur actors from the Canadian Badlands Passion Play, volunteer technicians, a Christian science fiction story line, and a mere $30,000 budget—put them all together and make a movie!

Mayflower II, by the Lammiman family (Greg Lammiman, screenplay, and Dallas Lammiman, director), would have cost Hollywood $100 million to make and wouldn’t have been any better. But here, for just a few thousand dollars, we get an engaging and watchable science fiction movie: and even better, a dystopian story that takes an unexpected turn towards … hope.

You won’t be able to see it in the theaters, but for $15 you can order the DVD at

“Mayflower II” a Movie Review by Lee Duigon

Well, according to the review, the technical level, music, and basic story-line are good: the acting is OK… but the dialogue is rather heavy-handed.

(I would say “polemical”, but “preachy” would do.)

Not a bad start, but I suspect we’ll still waiting for good writing and scripting to show up. Technical sophistication on a shoestring budget is necessary, but not sufficient.

(And the Christian goal isn’t escape… it’s victory.)

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