A Destructive Ruse, Guaranteed to Succeed

From Biden’s 100 day COVID plan is a destructive ruse that is guaranteed to succeed:A locked-in political victory by Jordan Schachtel

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It’s winter time again, which means COVID season is back in action, and Team Biden plans on never letting such a good crisis go to waste.

Joe Biden has announced that he has a “100 day plan” to defeat COVID-19. The plan is weaponized to give people the perception that he is responsible for the defeat of a virus, so that he can achieve a political victory in the early days of his administration. Here’s how his plan, which is guaranteed to succeed, will play out.

Step 1: Shortly after Inauguration Day, Biden launches the 100 day plan and enacts more draconian restrictions that further devastates the lives of millions of Americans. This is the evil, grotesque step of the “100 days” Biden COVID plan. The White House will demand mask mandates (in places where masks are already worn by everyone, despite Americans already surpassing universal masking benchmarks), having schoolchildren subject to arbitrary reopening standards, and it will encourage further restrictions like curfews and stay-at-home orders. The science and data overwhelmingly tells us these policies only contribute additional destruction to the virus problem, and they do absolutely nothing to solve the problem, but these inhumane actions will be necessary to set up the “comeback.” The Biden plan will force Americans to needlessly suffer so that Team Biden can set in motion a future political victory. 

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Step 2: When the 100 days are up (April 30, 2021), Team Biden will showcase how cases are declining across the nation. Team Biden will go on to claim that the draconian restrictions, with the assistance of the vaccine, have worked. Just look at how the cases are declining, they’ll say. 

Given that we’ve now been monitoring COVID-19 for a full year, observers of the pandemic have been able to track how seasonal changes impacted the spread of the novel coronavirus. During the warmer months, the United States and every other nation on a similar geographic latitude experienced a dramatic dip in cases in addition to every other metric, such as hospitalizations and COVID-19 deaths. This is not some miraculous coincidence of human behavior. It’s a scientific reality.

This isn’t just a COVID-19 phenomenon. Every year, depending on where you live, we see a rise in respiratory illness during colder months. Before COVID-19, it was common knowledge that we had cold and Flu seasons when the cold weather came in. People seem to have forgotten these concepts, due to the hysteria and panic surrounding COVID-19. Because we understand this process, America will undoubtedly continue to register high numbers through the Fall and Winter. And the impact of a COVID-19 vaccine, if it actually works to curb transmission, will not be seen for several months anyway, given the logistics of vaccine distribution and implementation.

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Step 3: Take credit for defeating a virus. The legacy media will shower Team Biden with praise, and anoint him the savior of America. Mission accomplished.

Recall that Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York brandished his COVID-19 seasonal “success” by selling posters and releasing a book on his supposed triumphs. Dr. Anthony Fauci proclaimed this summer that New York, despite its incredibly high death rate, was a model for the country to adopt. None of the pro-self destruction advocates have ever faced real scrutiny from the lapdog legacy media.

The Biden plan is as political savvy as it is duplicitous. It’s a great way to deliver a two-way softball to the media, who will praise him for “following the science” and defeating the virus, unlike the Bad Orange Man who occupied the Oval before him.

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These people – the politician and his backers – do not live to humbly serve, but to arrogantly rule.

“Others pay. We benefit.”

Christians will have to build a better way, step by step. And it starts with your own people and your neighbours, not at some high and mighty power centre.

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