The Geopolitics of Canada: Commentary

A fee additional notes:

The unity of the country and the success of Toronto depends – it is thought – on access to the St Lawrence River, leading to international markets for goods made in the old heart of English Canada.

This access is the reason why Quebec was able to trump individual rights of speech, and defy the Constitution early in its adoption, with the Notwithstanding Clause. It is also the reason why the aggressively secularist (as in, anti-God, anti-Law, anti-Liberty, and in time anti-Rational) attitude of Quebec leads the nation, as English-speaking Christians hold their tongue, letting evil speak and silencing what is good and true.

“The Money is Just So Important!”

It should be noted that the supremacy of the Sacred French Language (and the other side of the sword, the suppression of Free Men in the name of the Collective) was worth pulling the trigger.

In contrast, in the supposedly more God-fearing areas of the country – Western Canada – neither the pointed attacks of the Courts on Sexuality nor the Family (used as a proxy by powerful men to spit on the face of God, and so teach English-speaking Canadian Christians who is the their real Lord and Master) were ever worth drawing a line and saying “no” to the Superior Sort from the East.

You fight for what you love, and you kneel to whom you fear.

And, as we all know, fear is a form of worship.

In the meantime… Atlantic Canada sold out its soul and freedom in return for welfare-state and provincial transfer payments. And in return, they get complete irrelevance, as they are not even mentioned in the video, not even as a token.

Who says there isn’t justice in this world?

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