COVID and Uncaring Compassion

From Tom Woods:

–<Quote begins>–

Two things to tell you about today.

First, I had a chance to talk to Rep. Kevin Kiley, the 35-year-old California state legislator who defeated Governor Gavin Newsom in court. He is very impressive. You will enjoy this — there is sanity even in California:

Second, I wanted to share something from a reader.

It speaks for itself:

My grandmother is 93 years old. A few years ago she moved in with my parents, but shortly afterward it became clear that she needed full-time professional care, so she moved into an assisted-living facility.

Since then, we’ve all visited her several times a week, but of course since March she’s been all alone in her room. This isolation has resulted in a pronounced mental and physical decline. Fortunately she has a room on the ground floor, so we were able to come to her window and talk to her that way, but most residents don’t have that freedom. Also fortunately, we live in Florida, which is one of the freest states in these Divided States of America. If we tried these unregulated visits in, say, California, or Michigan, or New York, we’d probably get arrested.

While she’s been locked up in her room this year, she missed out the birth of my first child (her first great-granddaughter), my sister’s engagement, and many other family events. My wife and I were so excited that our child would be closer to her great-grandmother than any other great-grandchildren (who live elsewhere), but alas, she’s only met our child one time. My parents have considered bringing her home and hiring full-time in-home care, but the problem is that despite all the paranoia and superstition about Covid-19, she is someone who falls under “focused protection.” The only way that she could be safe with my parents is if my wife and I “socially distanced” from my parents, and we know that she wouldn’t want that with our new baby.

Nevertheless, this is such a horrible way for her to spend what little time she has left in this life. She’s been surrounded by large, loving families her whole life and is really suffering in this isolation. Her short-term memory is very poor (and has gotten worse in isolation), so she has to have “the pandemic” re-explained to her every time that we see her, but she’s still dimly aware that we’re not there as much as we used to be. I can’t help but think about where we’d be now if we’d followed a more rational and scientific policy from the start.

Anyway, today she had to be taken to the hospital, but none of us are allowed in there with her. We’re still trying to find out what’s happened to her and if any of us can be there with her. Given her dementia, she certainly has no idea what’s happening to her and can’t answer any questions or make any decisions. We can only imagine how confused and frightened she must be. The possibility that she might die alone — surrounded by faceless masked strangers while her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren wait outside — is on all of our minds but is too horrifying for any of us to say out loud.

This is inhumane. To hell with the midwits in charge who are apparently incapable of thinking about more than two things at the same time and ever changing their minds when presented with new information. To hell with the ignorant and obedient mob which continues to trade its most essential liberty for a little temporary safety. To hell with labcoat-wearing and clipboard-carrying “public-health officials,” who I’m convinced are nothing more than wannabe-doctors that couldn’t cut it in med school.

I’m filled with horror when I think about the future. Just as Americans seem to learn all the wrong lessons from every historical event — discredited theories about the Great Depression still control our fiscal and monetary policies, as just one example — I fear that we’re going to learn all the wrong lessons from this, too.

Who knows how many stories like this are out there. Here’s something we do know: there’s precious little sympathy for people like this.

Two things appear to make the hysterics especially crazy: (1) when you point out that the sky isn’t actually falling; and (2) when you point to the victims of lockdown.

If the insanity has reached a point that you’ve decided the time has come at last to join my private group, where you’ll be surrounded by normal people and be able to stay up on what’s actually happening as opposed to panic-mongering lunacy, I remind you of an added bonus: the group is permanently off Facebook.

So if that was holding you back, no longer.

See you there:

–<Quote ends>–

I am confident that supporters of the lockdown will shout tot he heavens about how Caring and Compassionate they are.

In actuality, their compassion is very selective, and very limited to specific, politically useful segments of the population.

I am surprised, though, that the very elderly are outside the tightly focuses, carefully chosen objects of their love.

It reminds me of the Communists, who yelled each and every day about their love for the peasants when grinding their heels in their faces.

“Especially the hard-working ones who don’t want to Share with the People, the entrepreneurial types who want to stand on their own feet outside of out Loving Care, and anyone who stands out and might dare challenge Our Righteous Authority.”

The Lesson for Christians?

Theoretical compassion, detached from the actual pain and experience of real human beings, is worthless.

Indeed, I suggest that such compassion is a damnable offense, as worthy of hell as cowardice, faithlessness, and fearfulness.

Like all the other self-conscious enemies of God, Progressives also have their purpose in life: to show to Christians what pious, moral poses God despises.

Learn from the example of these oh-so-politically powerful people and their pathetic, abject failure.

Don’t go down the road they have chosen.

Or, you will receive the same reward they have gotten.

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