Antivaxx as a Form of Sanity

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

Michael Shermer, a famous skeptic, was forced to admit that one of the reasons is that some of them are true. In his research he found that the fact that some conspiracy theories are real feeds people’s suspicion and makes them susceptible to the belief in others that are far less credible.


A 2017 article noted that “prices for U.S. made pharmaceuticals have climbed over the past decade six times as far as the cost of goods and services overall.”7 In a famous case Mylan was able to increase the price of the EpiPen by more than 450 percent, adjusting for inflation, between 2004 and 2016—despite the epinephrine in each injection costing only around $1—because they were the only legal supplier of the product.8 This example, while extreme, is unfortunately not exceptional. Pfizer, Biogen, Gilead Sciences, Amgem, AbbieVie, Turing Pharmaceutical, Envizo, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals (to name a few) all seem to have benefited from price gouging by obtaining legally protected monopoly power over certain healthcare products.10

The covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer—having bypassed the usual 5–10 years of safety testing—may well be completely harmless, but so long as this kind of tomfoolery continues to be common within the medical field we can expect ever more skeptical people to be labeled by their critics as “antivaxx.”

Why People Don’t Trust Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine. by Antony Sammeroff

We can be confident that the Progressives will continue to shrill for wealth and the “morality” of the Upper Classes.

While they chase after their master’s coin, there exists an opportunity for believing Christians to make some serious inroads into the culture.

One way to show leadership is to give a podium for the antivax people to speak. They may well be wrong, but let them lay out the evidence as they see it anyways.

And perhaps – even if they are basically mistaken – they may well still be onto something.

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