An Intro ID Text for the Homeschool

From Uncommon Descent: An ID book for young people?

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Well, it’s nice someone is thinking about that. A 400-page doorstop may be intellectually flawless but it isn’t going to reach the people who will never read it:

Translating ID for various audiences has been a priority for the ID community. Some ID books are quite thick and erudite. It’s not just a matter of making them available to people who speak other languages but also to readers of different backgrounds and levels of sophistication, whose native language is English. Reaching young people is a particular challenge. It’s a tougher one today than 25 years ago when the Center for Science & Culture was getting ready to launch. In those 25 years, the Internet took over and shortened all of our attention spans. That’s one problem.

David Klinghoffer, “ID Made Sassy: A New Book for Young People” at Evolution News and Science Today

But it’s not just the internet. Young people don’t have the time today anyway, what with two or three jobs. And many people can’t read equations. And if they’re not already doing something with their hands around the house or warehouse, they can’t listen to podcasts.

So congratulations to Douglas Ell for taking up the challenge of explaining intelligent design to the young. His new book, Proofs of God: A Conversation between Doubt and Reason, is the first ID book ever to which I would apply the label “sassy.” His concept is a dialogue between Doubt and Reason, who sass each other merrily.

David Klinghoffer, “ID Made Sassy: A New Book for Young People” at Evolution News and Science Today

Anyway, here’s the book: Proofs of God: A Conversation between Doubt and Reason

Some of us would have tried to separate the basic question of design in nature from proofs of the existence of God but people pick their own path:

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One thing that caught my eye: “And many [young] people can’t read equations.”

Or read a balance sheet.

Christians should go out of their way, to make sure their children can do both. While the Law and the Testimony points to the right path, science and reason gives the ability to move our world in the right way.

Excellence in service is the way to enduring victory. Not media manipulation or artificial manias.

Quote from ID Made Sassy: A New Book for Young People by David Klinghoffer

—<Quote begins>—

DOUBT. How do you prove the existence of God?

REASON. Evidence! Facts! Things with no other explanation! You know what they say — “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” 

DOUBT. They? What bozo said that? 

REASON. Sherlock Holmes. 

DOUBT. Who’s he? 

REASON. I like a literary person.

DOUBT. Whatever. No such evidence.

REASON. There is! Undeniable! To me, and to many, science now proves God.

DOUBT. You can’t prove God! 

REASON. I can prove God three ways.

DOUBT. Banana peels. Give me a hint.

REASON. Every kind of animal has working code that is new and doesn’t resemble the code in any other kind of animal. You— 

DOUBT. Back up. What’s code?

That is how the book opens, going on to cover five days, one day per chapter, of fast-moving dialogue between the quarreling participants. They cover “The Numbers Proof” (in three steps), “The Common Sense Proof,” “The Logic Proof,” “The Nonsense of Cumulative Selection,” and “Doubting Darwin.” By the end, Reason has won over Doubt and commissioned him, in Judeo-Christian style, to share what he’s learned with others. It is just 93 pages long and filled with some fairly sassy cartoons. Mr. Ell, a lawyer in Washington, D.C., and a math and physics graduate from MIT, knows his intelligent design. You could argue with the title of the book. Does ID “prove God”? That’s not what I would say. But let’s not be overly fussy.

—<Quote ends>—

A good, if somewhat imperfect, first shot is better than any number of perfect, but non-existent, works of scientific art.

Keep it coming, Douglas Ell!

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