British Comedians

There is a very clever scene in a comedy film, “Bedazzled,” in which the Satan figure brings a Faust figure into his establishment. The man (Dudley Moore) has sold his soul to the Devil (Peter Cook). Cook escorts Moore down the stairs into a shabby-looking place that is a kind of cheap restaurant, bar, and bordello. Cook introduces Moore to all of Cook’s employees. The main ones turn out to be the “seven deadly sins.” Anger is some loudmouth who is trying to start a fight. Sloth is asleep. Cook, as the Devil figure, remarks to Moore: “I just can’t get decent help. It must have something to do with the wages I pay.” Sadly, contemporary theologians lack the theological insight of a pair of British comedians.

Unprofitable Servants, by Gary North

If a pair of British comedians have a deeper insight on God than any number of oh-so-modern Properly Credentialed Christian Theologians, then what is the standing of those theologians before the Throne of God?

Aren’t they supposed to know who God is, and the nature of the Doomed Enemy, Satan?

And if the theologians don’t have the foggiest idea who God is, why should we have any confidence that God will know who they are?

Or why God would give them any standing in His court?


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