Moving the Landmark

The way it was done usually was to go out to the corner of the field during the night and move the landmark over, say, two or three feet. Then plow quickly in the morning at sunrise so it wouldn’t appear that it had been moved, and over a period of time, by moving the landmark over two or three feet per year you had added a few acres of the neighbors land onto your own. This was called removing the landmark.

Sixth Commandment: The Social Inheritance of Landmarks by R. J. Rushdoony

Our Intellectual Betters prefer wanton, brutal, violent revolutions, as they can kill more people and steal more stuff and spend more lies in a short timeframe that way.

But, if they can’t manifest their evil immediately, they will do so gradually, by slowly shifting the laws and slowly stealing more things and slowly weaving lies into the cultural narrative. At first jsut a little bit at a time, but then more and more, step by step.

Until we have the Satanic Society we have today.

But there is always room for more oppression, more lies, more theft, and more killing. At least, so far as the Satanists are concerned.

And always more territory to passively surrender without a whimper, so far as the Certified Christian leadership class is concerned.

However, although the reference to the eighth commandment “thou shalt not steal” is very obvious we do know from scripture that it had reference to the landmarks of history, of doctrine, of morals, and of similar things as well as property. The references in Proverbs makes it clear and then of course in Hosiah 5:10 we read: “The princes of Judah are like them that remove the landmark; I shall pour out my wrath upon them like water.”

And of course the meaning is very obvious there is Hosiah, because what he is saying is that the princes of Judah, as judges and as rulers, are breaking down the barrier between right and wrong, between truth and falsehood, between God and Baal. They are therefore removing the spiritual and moral landmarks, destroying them. The commandment, the sixth commandment, is “thou shalt not kill.” And to destroy the barrier between the truth and a lie, between God and a false God, is to murder society. So in the sense that both Solomon and Hosiah understand this commandment it also has reference to the sixth commandment “thou shalt not kill” because it is the destruction of society.

The Certified Christian leadership class could not care less.

But God sees, and God hears, and God cares.

And more to the point, He will act, even before our eyes.

I am not sure how He will raise up new leaders. I am fairly sure that He will do so: much of the Western Christian church can be left to die without loss, but there is a remnant — even a large remnant! — that is worth saving and reinvigorating.

Now the implications here I think are very obvious, if you deny God ultimately you must deny man. This is the consequence of removing the ancient landmarks. The death of God philosophy spells the death of man. The reason is obvious to these people! Man is still in some sense God’s creation. Man still wrestles with the idea of God even as he denies God so how are you going to eliminate God from the universe? As long as man thinks about God, why, by eliminating man! So man to kill God and systematically bring about the death of God believes that the only thing he can do is to bring about the death of man and replace him with automata. Robots. Who will then rule the universe and will be programmed without God. Then you will have with the death of man also, they believe, the death of God.

This seems fantastic to us, but mind you these are not fools but the prized scientific minds of our day which are thinking along these lines. Man’s plays God, in other words, by committing suicide. And of course this is a point made over a century ago by Dostoyevsky in his novel The Possessed. He said ultimately that men who deny God must commit suicide in order to eliminate God from their world. As a result in the world around us we are seeing man moving towards that suicide. In law the old landmarks have been replaced. This has been the work steadily of our courts in particular of the supreme courts. Instead of the landmarks of scripture, of absolute law, we have relativistic landmarks according to supreme courts. Almost twenty years ago chief justice Vincent said the only certainty is that there is no certainty. In other words there is no ultimate law or morality. Thus with this relativism we have a rubbery yardstick which measures according to every man’s wishes. But men cannot cope with reality, with rubber yardsticks. And as a result we find man increasingly unable to understand the world around him. He has a rubber yardstick, he can measure nothing.

Interestingly, what actually happened was the suicide of the rebels who hated God – be they adult-murdering Communists or unborn-murdering Progressives.

Evil societies don’t endure, as our failing society is demonstrating clearly.

Now, the public isn’t going to care until the government cheques and the flow of Free Stuff come to an end. But Christians who intend to inherit the world from the suicidal Satanists need to get ready now, to handle the coming inheritance.

If a man’s own wishes are his only landmark, then in a world without meaning man himself becomes meaningless. And so he should commit suicide! And Sartre admitted that many of his student followers had committed suicide and this was a logical step, and he had no reason himself for not committing suicide. As a result the only contact with other people is aggression, and the only possible meaning crime. Sade again, as the logical existentialist has said and I quote: “Ah… how many times, by God, have I not longed to be able to assail the sun and snatch it out of the universe to make a general darkness or use that sun to burn the world. Oh that would be a crime.” Unquote.

The greater the crime the greater the man. The only reality is aggression. But ultimately even that fails. China, which was the first country of the world to become relativistic, to deny the ancient landmarks at the beginning of the Christian era did so. And this is why China is stagnated. The only time China advanced was when an alien group took over China and for a while China would profess under alien leadership, but as soon as the alien group that conquered China became themselves Chinese by faith… embraced the relativism of Taoism and Chinese Buddhism and Confucianism they themselves stagnate.

But by the eighth century Wang Wai was saying do not count on good and evil, you will only waste your time. And what was the cure for everything? The doctrine of non being. There is the only remedy. In other words, to be dead. Deny all meaning as the cure for meaninglessness and finally life. In a world where the landmarks are destroyed, deny the possibility of landmarks. In other words, tell the starving man that hunger is a myth

No wonder they destroyed their future!

But what the Christ-hating Chinese — and the Christ-hating European! — have tossed aside, the Christ-obeying American can take for himself, the Pearl of Great Price.

The dead can be left to march to their graves, as they have chosen.

We have a different calling: and must work, with endurance and faith, as we reach for a different reward.

Thus, we are in a suicidal age because we are an age that is bent on destroying the landmarks. And if it is a crime to alter property landmarks and defraud a neighbor of his land, how much greater to alter social landmarks, the biblical foundations of law and society and thereby bring about the death of that social order. If it is a crime to rob banks, then surely it is a crime to rob and to murder a social order.

Remove not the ancient landmarks for by them your forefathers lived. Let us pray. Almighty God our heavenly father we thank thee that thou hast surrounded us with thy landmarks and made us strong therein. Give us strength faith and courage our faith that we may reestablish thy landmarks and recall men and nations to those things whereby our fore fathers lives, that we may build in terms of the old landmarks and progress in terms of thy holy calling. Bless us to this purpose in Jesus name, Amen.

As we are in a dying culture, we will to some extent pay a price. No man is an island, and as we are in a Satanic Society at the moment, we will suffer to some extent.

But we have a future, and are not merely thrashing about until the final stillness of death.

Step by step, we will retake the land, and raise up the landmarks as God has placed them.

And the dead will merely rot where they lie.

P.S. As Our Betters age out and grow more detached from reality, raising up the Kingdom of God will get easier. Especially after the Welfare State is bankrupted!


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