Whining, Not Action

After showing this video

North comments:

Early in the video, he calls on nobody in particular to follow up with serious investigations of all of the claims. I agree entirely. But who is going to do this?

Trump could use his money to fund such an investigation. He could set up a website specifically devoted to a systematic series of reports on how the theft was engineered.


There is this endless whining about the theft. Well, it’s time to stop the whining. It’s time to blame those who are responsible: the Republican establishment that knew what was going to happen, and which did not mobilize party loyalists to make certain that it didn’t happen this time. Of course the Democrats stole the election. That’s what they do. Surprise, surprise. This was business as usual.

Gary North, Missing in Action: A Systematic Program to Restore Faith in the Electoral Process

In sum, “What is Trump going to do about it?”

My response?


Talk is cheap. Work is hard.

And if Trump will not put his own money where his mouth is, why should anyone else?

Victory goes to those who will work for it, sacrifice for it, plan for it, pay for it.

Sadly but truthfully, it can even go to those who lie for it, cheat for it, steal for it, kill for it.

But it NEVER goes to those who merely whine for it, bleat for it, moan for it, babble for it.

“What about those who just pray for it?”

God answers the prayers of righteous men who obey His commandments.

Action – obedient, faithful action – is required for victory.

Not just prayer. Not just words.

Not just pleading before God’s Throne.

*points to the prayers of the Christians*

*points to the results of those prayers*

As we all know, the solid majority of Christians despise God’s laws and commandments, and will repent of nothing, leading to exceptionally predictable results.

Any other questions?


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