The Right-Wing Noise Machine

The Enemy Among Us

To observe the Left-Wing Noise Machine, just read your newspaper (snort), or watch Authorized and Sanctioned news sites and videos.

But the typical peasant can’t do much about the Mouths of the Right Opinions.

On the other hand, there are ways for western peasants to undercut the Right-Wing Noise machine.

First, understand it, as outlined by Joel McDurmon (see the article, Making Money by Making People Mad for details).

Understand the procedure as well. As McDurmon notes:

I can tell you from experience, though I don’t think I have to tell you, that there is big money in political outrage. There is money in conspiracies and dragging out political battles in the media as long as possible. The more you can hype the fear, the more you create the “problem” in that dialectic. Then you can provide the “solution”—news commentary venting outrage, saying what they wanted to say all along, and selling all kinds of related swag.

I can further tell you there are some people who, behind a façade of deep concern for conservative values and saving America, see the conservative base as one big fat lucrative market. (Yes, liberals do it, too; but if you’re a conservative, I would hope you would want to clean your own house first. I do.) Here is why it works so easily:

The more loyal the base is, the more reliable of a market it is.

The more enthusiastic it is, the easier it is to get them angry.

The angrier you can get them, the more they will react in predictable ways.

The more you present alleged “solutions” to them, the more they will buy something, pay something, donate, click on website ads, etc.

There are plenty of specialists and opportunists working ceaselessly behind the scenes to fleece this constituency for every penny they can. These schemers may appear as earnest, energetic activists for the conservative cause, but they see the conservative cause as nothing but dollar signs for them, and the base as a market they can excite to their own gain.

These “friends” have no interest in actually producing conservative victories.

They just want more outrage and more powerless anger and rage, which leads to more eyeballs and clicks, which leads to more money.

Cut these multi-decade failures off.

Talk with people in your neighbourhood, who you work and live and pray with, and see how to bring actual solutions on the ground in the real world.

Forget spending money on whipped-up controversies that the Big Mouths will make certain will never be won.

Focus on local issues and neighbourhood problems that a small team of involved Christians can alleviate, or perhaps even solve.

Turning Off the Machine

First, insure that your own money flows are steady, at work and (hopefully) in your own small business.

AFTER you are sure you can stand on your own feet, and you know you can take care of your family, and AFTER you have paid your tithes, THEN serve the weak, help the poor, assist the failing families, give a hand to the chronically ill, visit those in prison.

Put politics on the back burner… the far back burner.

If you never get to it, it’s no big loss.

If you do have time to get to politics, after addressing the many more important issues, then go local. Change things where you are.

Forget about dreamy fantasies about cleaning up Washington. Don’t put too much hope about reforming the state capital. Get your own house and your own county/town in order.

And Remember…

If Trump is so angry about being cheated in the election, why doesn’t he put his own time and money in cleaning out the bi-partisan corruption? Or at least in a long-term plan in breaking the RINOS that oppose him?

What Is Trump’s Plan for His Political Legacy?

If Trump isn’t willing to work hard and pay his way for a clean shot for the 2024 election, why should you pay his way?

When we turn off our own noise machine, we will be better able to see clearly, think clearly, and act productively.

Let’s do it.

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