Terror and Fear Over Blocks of Steel

While the whole video is an interesting argument for more private gun collectors…

(who will allow interested people to see their collection perhaps half the time)

…over museums…

(who generally puts their weapons in storage, and leave it there, unknown)

…the most interesting thing in my eyes is the fearful/ritualistic fear of the firearms, and the desire to completely fuse the gun into a block of inert metal to make it ‘safe’.

This naturally ruins the firearms: people with an historical interest in guns can’t understand how it operates, or the reasons behind a given design decision, if everything is just welded together. A firearm is a machine, not some mystical focus of dangerous totemic magic: the purpose and operation of the machine is lost if you let your fear and ignorance overwhelm your curiosity and interest.

Or if you are forced to stand by because some irrational and fearful stranger, uncaring about the object and unwilling to understand it, wreck it and so spread their ignorance into the future.

God expects Christians to be better than this. We are to gain dominion over our environment, to understand powerful machines and accept responsibilities to manage power responsibility, in respect and fear of His justice and under His law.


All we get is dread, fear of the unknown, fear of change, increased ignorance, increased powerlessness.

If we do not govern ourselves, we will be governed by our Betters… and remain powerless, fearful, terrified children, incapable of growing up, understanding the world around us, or accepting responsibility as self-governing men under God.

Just the way certain authorities like it.

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