The Bible Through the Ages

Don’t forget: it was the clergy who — with their intense hatred of the Law and the Commandments — put the Bible in the fantasy section first: unofficially, and then formally.

Then the general population followed.

Then the (relieved) Ruling Class merely certified what the church leadership — in their love of privilege and their hatred of the responsibility, accountability, and sacrifice needed to challenge Powerful Men — had done.

Then comes the lawless revolutions, the genocides and slaughters, the limitless oppression and the endless stream of officially certified lies.

I have no interest in remaining in a lawless environment, where the powerful simply determine reality to suit themselves — with media lies, a cheering academy, badges, and guns — while the willfully blind clergy lead the Kingdom of God into the ditch.

Just as they have been doing for 200+ years.

Leave the heretics to peach to their increasingly empty churches. Those of us who love God — and, therefore, love His Commandments — will go a different road.

A road that does not lead to arbitrary, ever-more-costly enslavement over the erratic manias, self-pleasuring fancies, and (strictly secular!) superstitious fears of our ever more delusional Betters.

The Kingdom of God is set to expand.

Despite the opposition of the intellectual class.

And especially despite the opposition of the clergy.

Just as it was in the day of Jesus Himself.

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