The Truth Brings Life…

…while Lies Kill.

Expanding the Kingdom, With or Without the Church

[Reuben wrote:]

Methodological naturalism (and its associated atheism) is a very depressing thing to be told is the truth. This is what I was essentially told when introduced to the “scientific fact” of Darwinian evolution at sixth form A-level biology (kinda like “high school” in the U.S. I think). No one else in my class seemed to care that this “brilliant science” told them that the universe is completely meaningless, life a complete accident, and their sense of “self” in fact a worthless illusion.


Then Reuben came across Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box and the idea of irreducible complexity. It made sense to him and provided scientific evidence for design. Now he has watched nearly every one of our videos on YouTube and is reading Foresight by Marcos Eberlin.

More than that, he discovered Discovery Institute and expressed his sincere gratitude for the work made possible by people like YOU.

Thank goodness I live in a time where fields such as biochemistry are actually (to my great delight) revealing intelligence and planning. But I want to thank you all so so much. Because it is not easy to stand up against the paradigm. To be branded as “religious heretics” by proud, often arrogant people. The layman is never going to question them, and the vast majority of young scientists are brainwashed into joining them. But not me, and I can thank you for that.

Reuben’s Story — A Light in Troubled Times
Kelley J. Unger

Churchmen — most especially those in the properly secularized United Kingdom, where Reuben lives — will not do their job.

Challenging Authority can only be done int he name of a greater Authority… and British clergy won’t fight the State in the name of a God they personally don’t believe in, whose Laws they silently despise, and whose authority they quietly delight in ignoring.

So God raises up another way to bring life and truth to those searching for it.

And yes, I think it would be pleasing to God if you give a hand here.

Because I can guarantee that the Church of England won’t lift a finger.

Power, Meaning and Purpose

Thanks to the ID folks, Reuben’s life was saved, as his meaning and purpose was shown to be grounded in reality. This places some ID organizations at a (much) higher level than many modern churches in the eyes of God.

Atheism is about the destruction of all meaning and purpose that does not come from the Mind and Mouths of the Men of Power.

I refuse to place such Men on a pedestal, and bow down to fear1 and worship them — “In a strictly secular way, of course!” — as the Only True Source of Meaning in my life.

Idolatry is specifically forbidden for Christians: and if Secularists demand it, they can buzz off and kick rocks.

And no, I could not care less about how many degrees… or dollars… or guns they have.

Many lives have been snuffed out due Atheism: directly, and indirectly. That’s the point of course: “Atheists can’t create or nurture in an extraordinary fashion… but they can dehumanize and kill at extraordinary levels.”

This is due to their Core Truth: “The human mind was not evolved to find the truth, but to secure survival. And the best way to secure survival is to get more power over others. Obviously.”

Their Core Truth is a demonic lie.

But you knew that already.

The Works of the Law

Intelligent Design is not the Gospel: it’s more of a fairly-easy-to-prove preamble that logically supports the historical claim “An intelligent agent shaped the heavens and the earth.”

Note the different of what Intelligent Design is founded on, and the Christian insistence that

In the beginning // God // created // the heavens and the earth.”

Not the same thing.

It’s the difference between “what can be reasonably discovered by the intelligent mind” and “Divine revelation that no man could have derived strictly from the evidence before him.”

Just by looking around, I can know that I live in a technical/industrial civilization: but just by looking around, I could have never discovered that Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492.

Someone has to relay that historical truth to me. I could not have derived it myself, just by studying computers and rocks and weather patterns.

In the same way, Intelligent Design scientifically demonstrates that, “just by looking around and investigating your world”, you can prove a powerful intelligence has shaped our cosmos and its lifeforms, down to the minutest level.2

Intelligent Design can’t prove that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. There is solid historical evidence for it, but you can’t prove it by an experiment, no more than you can prove that any given man was assassinated on April 14, 1865 with a repeatable experiment today. You have to rely on the historical record to get the name, time, place, and occurrence right.3

Honouring the ‘Righteous Unbeliever’

The Church refuses to fight for the truth: not even the ho-hum ‘non-denominational’ truths that has been broadly understood from the creation of the world.

A Church that refuses to fight for, and sacrifice for, truth and justice is worth nothing to God.

On the other hand, lay believers and even flat-out pagans who do stand for the truth — in an era where many Sophisticated People despise even the concept of a single, universal, objective truth — will receive some level of honour and respect for doing so.

Yes, even pagans will be rewarded for fighting for what is right. Good works alone will not gain salvation: but an unbeliever that does the works of the Law will get serious blessings in this world.

Just ask the Japanese. Or the Jews. Or any hardworking, law-abiding, self-disciplined unbeliever who is willing to sacrifice today to gain a better tomorrow.

Christians should take care, lest, by their literally damnable cowardice and fearfulness, they lose not only in this life, but in the next one too.

1Fear IS a form of worship. But of course, Marxists, National Socialists, Fascists, Secularists, and Muslims already know this, as is clearly demonstrated by their actions.

There are reasons why Christians are commanded to only fear God, not Men of Power.

2Note that the ID folks — many of whom are not Christian believers — are proving themselves to have a greater regard for empirical, verifiable truth than many (most?) Christian churches… and a greater willingness to sacrifice career and comfort in the pursuit of the truth.

As such, I can confidently say that ID people will have a greater say in the future of the West than any number of spineless Christian churches, who point-blank refuse to pay the price for leadership.

“Obedient servants get the wages they earned.
So do disobedient servants.”

3And of course, you need a trustworthy record for said occurrence… not an extraordinary one.

The demand that ‘extraordinary proof for extraordinary claims’ is merely special pleading, so the Right Sort gets to decide what is an ‘extraordinary claim’ in their eyes, while raising the bar for ‘extraordinary evidence’ so that no evidence will pass muster, ever.

Atheism is not a rational attitude, held due to the evidence: it’s a naturalistic ideology, held despite the evidence.

This is becomingly increasingly obvious to all.

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