Delegitimizing the Government, One Ruling at a Time

“you can’t sue for something that hasn’t happened yet”
“you can’t sue for something that is happening right now”
“you can’t sue for something that already happened”

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy

I expect no revolution, violent or non-violent, until the free government money runs out.

I hope and pray that afterwards – with the definitive delegitimization of the government int he eyes of the people1 – there will be a non-violent political event, be it just radical decentralization, or actual secession.

But, just because I pray for it, does not mean I’m going to get it.

The NYC and DC elites? Like academics in Kissinger’s timeless quote, they can continue their prestige games inside institutions of diminished relevance where ‘the competition is so vicious precisely because the stakes are so small.’ The dramas of the The Times editorial board will be about as relevant to most Americans as those of the European Commission, with about as much fascination.

Or those elites prefer an apocalyptic showdown instead, using every tool from tweetstorms to COVID policy to Senate confirmation hearings in their quasi-theological schism. Then the entire union can shatter into the jigsaw puzzle of our virtual polities, whose jagged edges run under and between the colored squares on the map we quaintly call ‘red state’ or ‘blue city’. Because those same elites, hellbent on final epistemic victory, will drag the rest of the country into their internecine war, preferring to ruin the national experiment than accept a world in which they play a manifestly reduced role.

That could easily happen too.

Twilight of the Media Elites, by Antonio Garcia-Martinez

1God cares about justice. But most people — including most Christians — just couldn’t care less about that, if their personal interest isn’t directly affected. Just like the Soviet citizen, or the Roman proles, or the Israelites under the Pharaohs, the solid majority just want to be rewarded for their obedience.

But when there are no more carrots for the barking masses


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