The Establishment Rot Grows More Visible…

It’s not hard to envision accreditors trying to impose dogmatic curriculum standards that would squelch the coverage of dissenting scientific views. Under current law, if a religious university as part of its mission decides to include dissenting scientific views about Darwinian evolution in its science curriculum, it has an additional layer of protection from punitive accreditors. If this new proposal goes into effect, that layer of protection will be eroded.

Needless to say, this proposal is not grounded in science, which is supposed to prize open debate and scrutiny, not censorship. The proposal also represents a repudiation of the principles of a free society. A free society prizes diversity of thought and seeks to achieve consensus by persuasion, not coercion.

Finally, the proposal exhibits insecurity rather than confidence. Confessional religious institutions are a small fraction of the total colleges and universities in the United States. But apparently protecting their diversity of thought is too dangerous to permit. It’s almost as if those making the proposal fear that they can’t prevail in debates over science issues if even a handful of institutions are allowed to air dissenting views. Are their own arguments that weak?

New Proposal Could Deny Accreditation to Religious Colleges Based on “Science”
by John G. West

Yes, the arguments of our enemies really are that weak.

I am confident that the Christian wailers, gravediggers and defeatists will moan and weep about All The Powerful People that are against us, and how Our Doom Is Sure.

“They are SO POWERFUL! We HAVE NO HOPE! Only the Rapture will save us!


I smell Establishment fear.

And doubt.

And a desperate drive to control a situation that’s disintegrating, all around them.

I can’t teach or encourage Christian believers that are determined to lose.

But the guys who are interesting in victory? Who are confident that the greatest expansion of the Kingdom of God is drawing near, to our time?

I’ll see what I can do, to give a hand to the faithful and to the victory-minded.

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