Apologists for Evil

Quora: Why do we not hear about the atrocities committed by the Soviet Union?

Brent Cooper · Trial and appellate counsel (1977–present)

Several reasons. First they were covered up. Primarily by the New York Times. Their reporter Walter Duranty was a stooge of Stalin. He was awarded a Pulitzer for his lack of reporting on the Soviet Union. Now there is talk of taking it back.

Second, many of the leaders of teacher’s unions were communist in all things but name. They made sure no books were adopted or curriculum used that depicted the communists as they actually were. Children were taught falsehoods of who the communists were and what they were really about. Those who disagreed were not advanced.

Third, there have been and are some in the government sympathetic to the position of the communists who also have tried to make sure the true nature of communism was not known to the public. This was especially true in WWII. FDR covered up many of the atrocities of his ally the Soviet Union.

The Right Sort do like their murderous lies.

Christians had best be aware of the goals of Our Betters: for you can be sure, if it was up to them we would be the ones in the mass graves, and they would be the ones holding the machine-guns.

Fortunately, it is not up to them.

It is 2021, not 1931. The hey-day of the collectivists – the Nazis, the Fascists, the Communists – has come and gone.

Something better is in the future: and we can be part of it if we roll up or sleeves, and get to work on behalf of the Kingdom of God.

To expand it, in time and on earth.

An act that, by definition, means the overthrow of the Kingdom of Satan, with its ocean of lies and murders and theft.

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