David Chilton Speaks

“The unbiblical idea of “spirituality” is that the truly “spiritual” man is the person who is sort​ of “non-physical,” who doesn’t get involved in “earthly” things, who doesn’t work very much or think very hard, and who spends most of his time meditating about how he’d rather be in heaven. As long as he’s on earth, though, he has one main duty in life: Get stepped on for Jesus.

The “spiritual” man, in this view, is a wimp. A Loser. But at least he’s a ​Good ​Loser. The teaching ​of the Bible is very different. When the Bible uses the term​ Spiritual, ​it is generally speaking​ of the Holy Spirit ​(which is why I use a capital S). To be Spiritual is to be guided and motivated by the Holy Spirit. It means obeying His commands as recorded in the Scriptures. The Spiritual man is not someone who floats in midair and hears eerie voices. The Spiritual man is the man who does what the Bible says (Rom. 8:4-8).

This means, therefore, that we ​are supposed to get involved in life. God wants us to apply Christian standards everywhere, in every area. Spirituality does not mean retreat and withdrawal from life; it means ​dominion. The basic Christian confession​ of faith is that ​Jesus ​is ​Lord ​(Rom. 10:9-10) – Lord​ of ​all things, in heaven and on earth. As Lord, He is to be glorified in every area (Rom. 11:36). In terms​ of Christian Spirituality, in terms ​of God’s requirements for Christian action in every area​ of ​life, there is no reason for retreat.”

David Chilton, as tweeted by Gab

I already spoke on Parler: perhaps Gab might be worth a look-see.

In any case, Christians are among the million who stand outside the Sacred Circles of power. And you can be sure that the Betters will cut you off from social media access if you become a serious challenge to them, as Trump did.

Silencing Trump

The establishment is probably going to go after citizen Trump. I think the IRS will investigate his tax returns. New York state has begun. Everything he did to save money legally will be challenged by the tax men. There are probably going to be endless lawsuits against him. He is going to spend years hunkered down and bunkered down in Mar-a-Lago. His enemies will be ruthless. They will show no mercy.

Every time they attack him personally, they will enrage his followers. But the power brokers don’t care. They have contempt for his followers.

Their main motivation for defeating Trump in 2020 was to humiliate his followers. His policies were not radical. The Left was not going after his policies. It was going after him as the representative of what Hillary Clinton called the deplorables. She hates them. Obama hates them. As he said, they believe in religion and guns. He was correct. They do.


These people will know exactly who cut off access to Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Twitter. They will know that this is a political move against them. They will take it personally. They should take it personally. The move was against them.

Facebook and Twitter don’t care about a 74-year-old defeated politician. They don’t think he’s coming back. They think they have taken away his means of coming back. He didn’t prepare for this for four years. He didn’t set up his own independent communications network. He could have asked his followers to move from Twitter and Facebook to his system during these years. He didn’t understand the social media that elected him. His son-in-law, who supposedly did understand it, did not organize the transition to Trump’s own privately held database. Trump trusted Facebook and Twitter to get his message out. That was naïve.

Google has stopped selling the Parler app, which competes with Twitter. Apple and Amazon did too. The site is gone. Too late.

The Democrats Are Creating the Post-Trump Movement. The Republican Establishment Is Trapped. by Gary North

When the Right Sort don’t have convincing answers, they will move to shut up the Wrong Sort.

All Christians are, automatically, grouped into the category of the Wrong Sort.

Make sure that Our Betters don’t shut you up.

“Communication is key in every war.” AS you can tell by the univocal voice of the Mainstream Media.

The ruling class’s appetite for deference, power, and perks grows. The country class disrespects its rulers, wants to curtail their power and reduce their perks. The ruling class wears on its sleeve the view that the rest of Americans are racist, greedy, and above all stupid. The country class is ever more convinced that our rulers are corrupt, malevolent, and inept. The rulers want the ruled to shut up and obey. The ruled want self-governance.


For the country class seriously to contend for self-governance, the political party that represents it will have to discredit not just such patent frauds as ethanol mandates, the pretense that taxes can control “climate change,” and the outrage of banning God from public life. More important, such a serious party would have to attack the ruling class’s fundamental claims to its superior intellect and morality in ways that dispirit the target and hearten one’s own. The Democrats having set the rules of modern politics, opponents who want electoral success are obliged to follow them.

America’s Ruling Class—And the Perils of Revolution by Angelo M. Codevilla

You can’t discredit the Right Sort publicly if you don’t have a public voice.

As any Chinaman could tell you.

Symbols, not Policies

As North notes, it wasn’t his soft-core policies that angered the Right Sort. (After all this hub-hub and drama, I still see Trump as a 90’s Democrat!)

It wasn’t the policies: it was the image. It was what all those poor and middle-class White people who supported Trump looked and sounded like.

Until the social media, the vast majority citizens were not interested in politics on a day-to-day basis. But, once every four years, they get interested. This has changed. The social media are followed for their slant on politics. This is a social revolution.

From this point on, Trump’s supporters will be the largest single voting bloc in the Republican Party. They probably will not be well organized. They aren’t agreed on policies. They are agreed on one thing: the system is corrupt, and it is rigged against them. That is the belief that matters politically. This belief is going to shape American politics from this point on.

The genie is out of the bottle. The toothpaste is out of the tube. Beginning on November 4, tens of millions of voters became convinced that the American political system is corrupt.

The Democrats Are Creating the Post-Trump Movement. The Republican Establishment Is Trapped. by Gary North

The Right Sort frankly don’t care if they break their promises and pledges to people they despise. “We have the power. They don’t.”

But with such widespread and corrosive opposition, it is going to get difficult to get anything done.

The Future and David Chilton

North quotes Karen Kwiatkowski:

Elite panic is all we are hearing and seeing on mainstream media. The logarithmic explosion of memes, articles, audio and video all questioning, challenging, ridiculing, and laughing at the government as a class is our new politics. It’s shallow, it’s reactive, and it produces cynical angry men and women, not statesmen. Thanks to the wonderful world we live in, that anger leads some of those cynical and angry people into the territory of new ideas, and builds a new awareness of both history and future possibilities. For every misunderstood marxist, we also get one agorist, a constitutionalist, a future member of the Leave Me Be Party, and a couple of people whose profiles say “loves chickens, gardening and making my own bread.” There is very little room in the future for parasitic elites telling us to sit down, shut up and do what we are told.

This will be extremely obvious when the River of Free Stuff stops flowing, and there are no more treats to purchase mass obedience.

The Ruling Class is part of the past: they just don’t know it yet.

Trump’s people are in the wilderness. But time is on their side, if they use it well. (It is definitely against the rapidly aging Ruling Class and their stagnant ideas!) If they can figure out why they were cast into the wilderness, they may well get a second shot. I STILL recommend a focus on local county and town government: leave the statehouse alone until after the Great Default.

As for who speaks for the future? I believe David Chilton has a few words of advice on the matter…

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