1) Towards a Social Counter-Revolution 2) Logic Chains

The leftists who run the major social media sites despise conservatives generally and supporters of Trump specifically. They would like to de-platform every site that favors Donald Trump. They want to harass Trump loyalists. A public call for this strategy is here. This will not be a problem after January 20 at noon. Trump is going to be gone at that point. But they still want to get even. They despise him. Yet his views on massive government spending are theirs. Then why this hatred?

Their hatred is a social matter. Trump verbally represented a majority of voters who are tired of being pushed around by the Left. They are tired of the social, moral, and sexual agendas of the tiny elite of both parties that has rammed this agenda through Congress and in the media. The public is in reaction. But the Left knows only coercion as the way of changing other people’s minds. They don’t believe in open debate. They control the public schools. They control the mainstream media. They want to control websites. They believe in control. But they can’t snuff out the resistance movement that Trump has now made visible.

Their algorithms will look for certain keywords, such as “stolen election.” But the heart of this battle socially and culturally is not the stolen election. That was the symbol of the underlying struggle, not the issue itself.



The solution to the revolution that has been imposed from above politically, beginning no later than 1912, is a counter-revolution. It is a counter-revolution that is built, commitment by commitment, institution by institution, from the bottom up.

The Left is always committed to a reform program managed from the top-down. Conservatives ought to be committed to a program of reform from the bottom-up, but they aren’t. They also are committed to a top-down revolution that captures the institutions dominated by the Left. This is the heart of the conservatives’ problem.

I use this slogan: “Replacement, not capture.” The goal should not be to capture the public schools. The goal should be to replace the public schools. This should be the conservatives’ goal for every government-run welfare program.

Problem: American conservatives want control of the badges and guns. They want their agents to stick guns in the bellies of their neighbors. They want their programs to be funded by stolen political money. They want their share of political power.

This is why there is a bipartisan political establishment in control of Congress. The Democrats have offered to share some of the loot with Republicans. This is why newly elected Republican congressmen who go off to reform Congress within three terms have been captured by the old-boy network that dominates Congress. They start getting rich. They go to Washington with a net worth of $100,000, and they retire 20 years later with a net worth of $10 million. Then they become lobbyists. How does this happen? The system buys them off. The heart of the matter was articulated by speaker of the house Sam Rayburn six decades ago: “To get along, you have to go along.” And so they go along.

There is now a possibility for conservative activists to begin to affect significant political change from the bottom up. That is because of the technological revolution offered by the World Wide Web.

The multiplication of activist websites is crucial. I do not mean activism in the sense of politics. I mean activism in the sense of replacing the institutions that are funded today by money that flows down from Washington. We need to get principled people in places of influence locally in our communities. We need to show the public that dependence on the welfare state is psychologically crippling to those who become beneficiaries of the welfare state.

Sites that show people how to help the poor, help children to learn, or help sick people get well will not be de-platformed. They will change the world for the better. They will create leaders. From these, we can move to changing our communities.

This is Burke’s conservatism. It is Tocqueville’s liberalism a generation later. It is ethically revolutionary. It is socially revolutionary.

If we will not do this, what good is political power? It is a snare and a delusion. It corrupts.

Conservatives and libertarians need to gain hands-on experience in the front lines of the social problems that are invoked by the Left as a justification for the expansion of the welfare state. It goes back to that old phrase: “You can’t beat something with nothing.”


Until conservatives switch their efforts from politics to social renewal, America will be trapped by the Left’s paradigm. Politics can undermine social renewal, but only rarely contribute to it. The welfare state is proof. Anyone who has read Charles Murray’s masterpiece, Coming Apart (2012), knows why. It has to do with status. There was a time when men who did not work suffered a loss in status. Those who did work gained status. That system of rewards has been undermined by the welfare state.

One more time: the separation in America is primarily social, not political.

Conservatives are fighting the social war on the national political battleground. They will lose this fight. They are fighting for control of a fiscally sinking ship.

It’s time to head for the social lifeboats. It’s time to make sure they float.

The Left’s #1 Error Is Its #1 Point of Vulnerability. So Is the American Right’s #1 Error. by Gary North

I said it before: if Christians were serious about fighting a culture war, and sacrificing time and money (and some of their careers) to win, they would have won it back in the late 80s/early 90s.

Now, if there is any victory to be had, it will be due to the economic and legitimacy collapse of the State. It will take down both the Left and the Right, instead of just the Left.

Perhaps North’s hope that Trumpers will grow up after Trump is gone will actually come through. It will be good if he’s right.

After the End

I wonder if God will still be waiting for American Christians to get serious about obedience to Him where it counts — among the poor and disadvantaged where they live, regardless of race. “Before you lead the world, first serve His sheep, especially the weakest and most powerless. They (and not the powerless clergy1) are His representatives.”

My personal suspicion: American Christians will never get serious, and God will put them in the same box as he placed the Western European Christians: prepped for incineration (by their own hand!) and replacement by some other population.

You know, some up-and-coming tribe that fears God, and has babies that they raise to fear Him too.

Race, culture, language, money & power… all that’s a secondary matter. A mere symbol of victory, and not the essence of it.

1The clergy are powerless because they point-blank refuse to speak His powerful word… and get themselves into trouble with who they fear the most. And as we all know, who you fear is who you worship!

The logic chain goes like this:

=> God has representatives on earth.

=> God’s representatives are silent, and cringe before the contempt of powerful Men.

=> God’s representatives fear powerful Men.

=> God fears powerful Men.

If you ever wondered why God hates worthless servants, why cowards go to hell, why the entirety of the Second Commandment is tied to misusing the Name of God is … now you know.

It’s why God strikes down rebellious (secretly/implicitly Satanic) churches far more swiftly than He brings down openly evil institutions.

There will be no victory for God’s people, unless and until God’s people repent. And this must be by action, not just words.

My suspicion: the seminaries and the clergy will never change their ways. Just has they have refused to change their course for the last 50, 100, 200 years.

So the laymen will have to do it.

And the laymen can’t afford to be distracted by politics.

Politics is not the core of the matter.

Culture is.


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