The Love of the Wicked

Someone once said, this was in the days of Louis the 13th and Louis the 14th, to the count de Gramont, and he did not deny it. And I quote: “Is it not a fact that as soon as a woman pleases you, your first care is to find out whether she has any other lover, and you second how to plague her? For the gaining of her affection is the last thing in your thought. You seldom engage and entreat, but disturb the happiness of others. A mistress who has no lovers would have no interest for you.”

And he agreed that that was right. His whole idea was to conquer somebody, and then to throw them over immediately. And the whole purpose of the gentleman of the day was described, and I quote: “A desire to seduce and desert for malicious (?)” unquote. “And the crown of victory for the seducer was to do his work, without the slightest emotional involvement. So that when the woman, conquered and submissive, begged at last: “At least tell me that you love me.” He can affect a disdainful smile and refuse.” Unquote.

As a result, as one observer commented, as love is judged by most (?) it resembles hate more than friendship. And this is true of what was called love in the age of Reason. Such love was really hatred. A desire to break, to destroy; and it began first of all with a hatred of God. Natural man is at enmity with God. And therefore, against the principle of law everywhere. And so his desire is perpetually to destroy.

Man as a god wants to be self sufficient. As a result, to be dependent upon someone, and love is a dependency, is something that must be denied.

Seventh Commandment: Sex and Crime by R.J. Rushdoony

The Enemies of God cannot create, but they can destroy. That is the power they have; and so, in their eyes, it is the only power there is.

We saw a few months ago that the age of Reason, the Enlightenment, reduced women legally to a slave. And it could only wax poetic about a helpless woman. And the romantic poet for example that followed after the wake of the Enlightenment, could only see a totally helpless woman as lovable. One that they could take and use and throw aside, as (Shelley?) for example delighted in doing. And (Keith?) at one point in his poetry burbled about one love of his life: “God, she is like a milk white lamb that bleats for man’s protection.” And of course the idea is that you can cut a lamb’s throat as well.

Seventh Commandment: Sex and Crime by R.J. Rushdoony

You can be certain of it.

Now, every hostility has as its other face a new sympathy. If you begin to hate something you previously liked, then you have a new liking for something else. If you hate God, then you are going to love everything that is anti God, you will hate His law, and therefore you will love crime.

Seventh Commandment: Sex and Crime by R.J. Rushdoony

And for those who despise God, it is best to change the laws, to call good evil, and evil good.

This is not such a surprise: a Satanist is a Satanist, regardless if he’s waving the red flag over a mass grave or wearing bright priestly robes at the pulpit, tearfully proclaiming his warm sympathy for the murderer (be that murderer an abortionist or a policeman)… and not a mite of thought for the blood of the innocent, or the justice innocent blood demands.

The real surprise are the millions of Christians who quietly, implicitly, but pointedly stand with the Satanist.

Judgement does not start at the official, government-backed temples of Satan. It starts at the Church.

Admittedly, many churches are basically synagogues of Satan. But unlike the blatant temples of the wicked, the demon-occupied churches dare use the Name of God to justify evil; so God will move to defend His name first.

Because the Christian clergymen and seminaries and theologians certainly will not.

The Second Temple at Jerusalem was destroyed centuries before the Temple of Diana fell. Fake friends are cut down by God, before His obvious enemies are.

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