Tucker Carlson and the Idiot Media Corps

(Video originally on YouTube, then deleted)

From January 12, 2021: Tucker Carlson blasts Twitter for interfering in Uganda election (live FOX link, as of 2021-01-13)

From the video’s intro (dead YouTube link):

…Twitter’s Global Public Policy Team is really the company’s own NSC.

So the Global Public Policy people weighed in today — as security councils do — on the upcoming elections in Uganda, and here’s what they said about those elections.

“Ahead of the Ugandan election, we’re hearing reports that Internet Service Providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps. We strongly condemn Internet shutdowns. They are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights, and the principles of the #OpenInternet. Access to information and freedom of expression, including the public conversation on Twitter, is never more important than during the democratic processes particularly elections.”

So marinate in that a bit just let it sink in Twitter is reminding the Ugandan people that censorship is immoral. Sorry Ugandans, you’re not allowed to silence other people’s Twitter accounts: especially in the run-up to an election. You just can’t do that. Now we recognize you don’t have a Bill of Rights or a centuries-old tradition of self-government out there in Uganda, so you might not have known this as we do here. But to restate, censoring voters social media accounts is hugely harmful. Online censorship violates ‘basic human rights’, in fact it’s an attack on democracy itself. Got that Ugandans? Now, we understand you’re a primitive developing nation so we’ll give you a pass this time. But don’t forget it. Censorship Bad. #Internet.

It’s almost too good — in fact we checked to see if it was real — it is. Twitter actually sent that. Which only proves that the tech monopolies are even worse than we thought: they were not only are they cruelly authoritarian and totally dishonest as well as limitlessly ambitious, but they are also (and we didn’t know this) childishly stupid.

They have no idea how they appear to others; they can’t see themselves; they lack even a glimmer of the ironic self-awareness that is a prerequisite for wisdom. They are idiots. they don’t even get their own jokes.

Just to verify:

From North:

First, listen to Tucker Carlson’s editorial on the shutting down of websites by mega-sized corporations. This is what is coming. It is already here. This is the greatest display of corporate collusion in peacetime American history.


It is illegal, but nothing will be done about it. The beneficiaries are in power for the next two years . . . or longer.

The Enemies of Free Speech Are Going Public
Gary North

But as you know, the Right Sort never really believed in free speech.

Just in power and control, to be applied into the faces of the Inferiors.

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