I found this on Facebook, and I had to respond:

A certain disbelief in the promises of powerful men is wise.

But that’s just not enough: you can’t replace bad ideas with nothing. We must build what is good, not just destroy what is bad.

Yes, build on the words of the Bible: but if we merely tear down all leadership, we will have no leaders.

Nathan is correct: we can’t stop and end with cynicism. There must be faith, and those who lead us humbly in faith must be respected… even when they are flawed.

(King David is a good go-to example here, but even Peter is a decent example. All leaders sin, but some do repent!)

I admit, I am naturally a cynic.

This is, admittedly, a better position than just gullible belief in whatever babble the Media and Academia is spouting.

But while it can be a useful jumping-off point, is a sterile and fruitless place to stay.

Merely tearing people and ideas down is just not good enough.

Something better must take its place.

And that means that we must tolerate human leaders (yes, they are going to be flawed leaders) to get things going in the right direction.

Going somewhere better, even lead by imperfect leadership, is miles better than mere empty whining…. followed by inaction or escapism or despair or indifference.

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