Foolish Fundamentalists

North used this video to illustrate the delusions of believers who claim to have special access to God. “God doesn’t speak to the church. He speaks to me!”

As those messages are typically about buying more Ovaltine — or, more realistically, to get political vindication or back some other man-serving delusion — Christians should stop listening to those future-tense liars, claiming to have the Word of God when they obviously do not.

The fact that multiple millions of Christians follow false prophets — and don’t fling them out of the church, as God commanded us to — is a big neon sign to our enemies: “Here’s a pack of morons to financially, economically, and culturally gang-bang!”

Obedience to God brings salvation — literally, as Christ’s obedience covers our own flawed, rebellious, and disobedient lives — and in more than a few other ways: a guide to a good life, a guide to a good society, increased holiness, wisdom, sanctification, and intelligence, and a comprehensive deterrence against the snakes and the vipers.

Today’s references from North:
Pat Robertson on Trump

Rev. Dana Cornerstone’s July Dreams About December 2020: Sucker Bait for Deluded Christians

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