Liberty Is Individual and Personal, Not Collective

We have to precisely understand what freedom is all about: it’s a personal thing.

It doesn’t come in groups.

I really detest the idea that in so-and-so group, we have to deal with this.

On election night, it always annoys me.

“How did this group vote? How did this group vote? How did this group- “

Maybe they didn’t all vote the same way.

And… there are a lot of good people in those groups: they don’t like to be put in a group.

They like to be seen as individual.

A free country has to be seen as individuals, and not just as a cog in the wheels of a special group, that become super lobbyists in Washington.

And milk the cow until they kill it.

And we’re getting close to that.

I decided to post a bit of the transcript, just in case Ron Paul receives corporate punishment for Incorrect Speech.

Also: You’d be wise to bookmark the Ron Paul Institute.

Just in case.


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