Mild-mannered academic slams COVID hysteric

I can’t seem to settle on a given way to quote articles… but anyways: in this post, I’m in bold, and Tom Woods is in quotations.

On the fight to ditch these loathsome COVID restrictions, from Tom Wood’s latest missive:

In the fight for COVID sanity we have many good and highly credentialed scholars on our side. In general, though, they tend to have the quiet disposition of the academic rather than the fiery, attack-dog style that those of us outside of academia (I left 14 years ago and have never been happier) sometimes display.

An escapee from the loony bin!

So I have to say, I was rather pleased to see our own Martin Kulldorff of Harvard Medical School take the gloves off the other day.

Dr. Ashish K. Jha is a prominent COVID hysteric on Twitter. When Dr. Scott Atlas announced the other day that he was deleting his account because the platform was toxic and unproductive, Dr. Jha took the opportunity to take swipes at him.

Among them:

“That’s also how many Americans we have lost in the last few days — in no short part because of the misinformation and bad policies you championed. “

To which Professor Kulldorff responded, to my great delight:

“Dear Ashish: By quietly working his butt off to make more COVID-19 tests available for nursing homes, under enormous hostility, Scott Atlas saved more lives during a few months in DC than you have during your whole life.”


I wish that I had the intelligence and precise sharpness of Professor Kulldorff.

Something to aspire to!

Saving lives is also is appreciated by God and men. It’s a great way to earn your social stripes, too…

Our friend Ashish is the sort of person who instead of focusing on the elderly thinks it’s equally important in the fight against COVID to make sure your kids can’t play football.

Somebody else jumped in to ask: since many American deaths yesterday were in California, which policy California might have adopted (and of course California has been insanely locked down) did Scott Atlas prevent them from adopting?

Crickets, of course.

It’s not about saving lives.

It’s about power and control, seized by the select few.

In the sacred cause of boosting their budgets and authority.

Or didn’t you know that?

In another matter, here’s an excerpt of an email the heroic Alex Berenson just received from a personal trainer in Illinois:

“I’m watching kids and adults fall apart around me. Two kids in the next town committed suicide last week (one was 18 with a full ride to MIT/star quarterback, and one was 20). On top of the insanity of two suicides in a small, wealthy town in a week, the school then prevented the grieving football team from running on the field together to try and honor him. They cited COVID restrictions as their reason for preventing kids from running on the field, outdoors. While this is heartbreaking, the sheer number of kids failing academically, depressed, or simply despondent is staggering.

“I work with 20 to 30 or so kids — and remember these are kids whose parents prioritized them getting exercise and activity during COVID — and 50% of them are struggling. Their friends who can’t afford or whose parents are afraid, 80-90%.

“As for my adults? I’m watching grown men and women crack and struggle under the depression and anxiety this causes. Marriages that were once strong seem to be teetering, people lashing out at strangers for no reason. And without fail, the ones struggling the most are the ones adhering to the insane protocols best. Maybe as if there is a direct correlation between cutting yourself off from society and depression? If it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable how dense people have become.

“And don’t even get me started on the 90% of rich Illinoisans who jetted to Florida for 4-8 weeks while crying about how DeSantis is a murderer. The honest ones at least came home and admitted what we’re doing is insane. Yet even those honest ones fall right back in line with crazy COVID precautions while acknowledging they took almost none in Florida.

“Sorry for ranting. This is all just insane.”

This kind of unwarranted, unjustified, and frankly murderous oppression is blatantly evil.

And do you think Our Owners care?


I hope and pray that the young kids will work to get justice from their vicious elders.

(No, I am not speaking of their parents. I am speaking of the bureaucrats, though.)

For you can be sure, Our Betters will not repent.

They are far too busy, yelling about how they Love the People.

Like all the other tyrants do.

My advice?

Bureaucracies care about nothing and no one… except their budget.

That’s their weak spot.1

That’s the proper target of your war axe, the focus of your fury.

That’s where you can win.

In recent weeks, as I noted in a previous issue, some people I would never have expected to hear the phrase “back to normal” from have begun discussing precisely that. At the same time, some public health officials almost appear to take delight in warning us that just because we wear masks/socially distance/get vaccinated doesn’t mean we’ll get back to normal.

Screw these deranged people. Reward the decent states with your vacation dollars. Heck, move to them, so they become invulnerable to destruction by twisted lockdowners.

Amen and amen.

Get out of the prison cells.

Live free. Breathe free.

And finally, on an unrelated matter:

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So I know where to find the kind of information you need to make this process easy. And there are some little-known ways to get free publicity for your Kindle book, too.

I know I have some authors and would-be authors on this list, so I’m making available a free video series walking you through all of this, and saving you a whole lot of trial and error:

Tom Woods

Wars are won with ideas that move men, and clear a path to victory.

Not with hopeless, despairing rage.

And not with simpering, fearful obedience.

1 We must start with this political slogan: “You can’t beat something with nothing.” This means that when at long last there is an organized political movement that wants to adopt a winning strategy to roll back the welfare state, it will have thousands of political laboratories to test its abilities. A dedicated minority can stop the expansion of the politicians in small counties. They can learn what works in these counties. They can learn what doesn’t work. They can get experience. This is vital for any serious political movement that is dedicated to rolling back the state.

My strategy rests on this fact: nobody wants to do this. This is why a dedicated political minority locally can put a brake on the expansion of the state. You get leverage wherever there is no organized opposition.

This was the basis of Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s strategy in the Pacific, beginning in 1943: “Hit ’em where they ain’t.” It involves the second half of his famous phrase: “Let ’em die on the vine.” In political terms, this means cutting off their funding.

In three words: No on bonds.

If we could stop every bond issue, we could starve them out.

But first, we must set up a system to monitor every agency that has the authority to issue bonds.

Gary North, Step One in the Post-Trump Revolution

Really, Step One is to get your kids out of the public schools.

Step TWO is to de-fund the local bureaucrazies.

But you already knew that.

We are now in the early stage of the revolution. I have written about this revolution here:

It is seen as a political revolution, but it is is far more. It is a social revolution. It is the early stage of a revolution of voters who have been under the thumbs politically of a bipartisan American establishment. The triumph of this bipartisan establishment became visible in 1912, when all three of the candidates for President were members of the progressive movement.

Revolution is doomed to failure until the participants in the revolution pull their children out of the public schools. Anything less than this is simply making noise. People can wave their flags and put on their stars & stripes headbands. They can go to Washington. They can do all the things that don’t make any difference. But until they pull their kids out of the public schools, they are not serious. They are still under the thumb of the bipartisan establishment.

In short, they have to pay a price.

Gary North, Step One in the Post-Trump Revolution

Pay the price.

Work to topple the slave society, here and now.

It can’t be done instantaneously: violent revolutions only centralize power, increase lawlessness, and make our chains heaver than they were before. Regardless of who wins.

But using peaceful means, we can start filing off our chains, starting today.

After the Great Default, we would have earned our stripes to accelerate the end of the enslaving, power-n-control culture we live under today.

If we play our cards right, no American child born today will ever have to spend his adult years under the punishing yokes we (and our teenagers!) must bear today.

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