Integrity… if it’s Useful

Can integrity evolve somehow by evolutionary game theory or group selection? Perhaps these stakeholders—scientists, readers and the public—will leave more offspring as a group if their reading material is honest and truthful. But wait; that would require the correspondence theory of truth to have evolved beforehand. And since truth in the Darwinian view is an outcome, not a virtue, it is conceivable that well-crafted lies could achieve the same outcomes as integrity.


If that is the case, then “integrity” is a mirage. All the fraudsters, plagiarists and manipulators he worries about are just trying to pass on their genes using a different strategy that works for them. Since Yeagle does not repudiate Darwinism, his appeal is not about honesty, but about survival of the fittest. Yeagle wants Science Advances to be king of the hill. According to the core beliefs of the AAAS, if Yeagle’s selfish genes find a better way to cheat and keep the journal on top, wouldn’t selection favor that strategy? Integrity has nothing to do with it. Integrity is just a pretty word that is useful to him at the present time, because evolution rewards whatever works – even fraud.

AAAS Wants to Evolve Integrity by David F. Coppedge

Politically Expedient Integrity

“Free Speech is fine… so long as my people are not offended by it.”

“Integrity is great…unless it gets in the way of reaching our goals.”

Christians don’t get to work like this.

Truth, integrity, justice, compassion… these things are a constant.

Regardless of the ROI, or if people are watching.

“And since truth in the Darwinian view is an outcome, not a virtue, it is conceivable that well-crafted lies could achieve the same outcomes as integrity.”

Lies are cheaper than the truth. And a well-crafted lie can last for a generation… or longer.

(Remember Kennedy’s Camelot? Or FDR’s Wall Street connections that are never mentioned in the history books? Or the Marxist Love of the People?)

And if the lie lasts up to and beyond your death, then it was completely worth it… so far as the individual liar is concerned.

“So a lie is a lie, and someone else will have to pay the cost after I die. Oh, well.”

Or, as the Keynesians would put it, “In the long run, we are all dead.”

Their Way, Our Way

That’s not good enough, not for Christians.

We are to create an inheritance for our grandchildren, to strengthen the Kingdom of God that will last until the end of time.

That’s the goal. Not expedient lies for a year, a decade, or a lifetime of comfort and pleasure for ourselves, regardless of the cost of the profitable lies to others.

God demands better from Christians, and the expectations on us is vastly higher than the expectations Secularists place on themselves.

With the Holy Spirit, with godly obedience, with law and truth, justice, wisdom, and mercy, Christians can reach the goals God has set for us.

Let’s do it.

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