COVID Beds and the Second Wave

Gary North pointed to a study that suggests that there will be an explosion in the number of COVID Cases, due to an increase in the rate of infection (The Ireland Event, from Epsilon Theory).

Covid-19 in Atlanta: An Unofficial Report
Source: The Covid Tracking Project
Reprinted in the Epsilon report.

This has been verified by his personal experience: hospital beds are full, a nurse told him.

Ireland healthcare system is under “severe” strain as COVID-19 infections spike due to end-of-year celebrations, Taoiseach [prime minister] Micheal Martin.

Only 22 intensive care beds were available across Ireland on Thursday due to a spikes in COVID-19 infections. Almost half of the country’s 163,000 confirmed cases were reported over the last fortnight.

COVID-19: Ireland’s going through ‘really dramatic increase’ in cases, says PM Martin, euronews

So, I personally expect hospital beds to be filled in the next six weeks.

The second wave is, indeed, here.

We already know that lockdowns and masks don’t slow the spread or the rate of infection. There is no measurable, predictable difference between regions that have lockdowns and those who don’t; regions that enforce social distancing and those who don’t; areas that mask and areas that don’t.

Therefore, personal and familial health awareness is necessary, especially for the elderly.

The Masters won’t save us, or the vulnerable. It is reasonable to assume that vaccines will be useful, but it isn’t wise to assume you will receive one within the next six weeks.

It is up to us, to take personal responsibility to isolate and protect our old people and other vulnerable populations.

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