Masks Don’t Cut It

From Tom Woods’ latest missive, Pretend this COVID chart doesn’t exist, or get canceled:

Back in May, Vanity Fair ran this headline:

“If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet, New Study Says”

Well, we know how that turned out.

Mask compliance is at about 88% overall.

Now that that didn’t work out, the mask religionists are falling back on what they call their “Swiss cheese” model of virus mitigation. I would explain that to you, but really. (It starts with, “We never said masks alone would do the trick!”)

When you challenge the grandiose claims made for masks by pointing out the endless charts showing no discernible effect anywhere, or comparing places with masks to places without, the excuse factory shifts into high gear.

There are too many other factors at work between two given places, so it’s not fair to compare their outcomes with and without masks, we’re told.

(Incidentally, if the charts all showed deaths going down after the introduction of mask mandates, do you think we’d be getting these lectures about careful distinctions and nuance, or do you think the mask religionists would be shoving the charts in our faces?)

All right, then. Let’s look at just one place, Arizona, and compare it with itself.

Given the importance attached to masks, there must surely be a clear difference, evident in the data, between Arizona counties that mandated masks and Arizona counties that didn’t.

Are you ready to see that radical difference for yourself?

Here it is:

Now nonbelievers in the mask religion may look at that chart and say: there is no difference.

But we know what happens to mask religion heretics — they’re deplatformed and destroyed.


Why, yes, Mr. Science Man, sir, I sure do see the big difference masks made in Arizona!

Now I have another chart for you, this one illustrating media distortion.

Iowa and New Mexico had very similar curves, separated only by time.

In both places the curve went up sharply, and then came down steadily.

As the curve was going up in Iowa, The Atlantic ran the headline on the left. As the curve was coming down in New Mexico, Scientific American ran the headline on the right:

(The question is intended to answer itself.)

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Tom Woods

The Better Sort don’t really care if their costly edits actually suppresses the disease, or even has any scientifically reproducible & verifiable benefit.

They just want immediate compliance and obedience from the Lesser Sort.

It’s not about fighting the disease. It’s about social positioning.

It’s about having faith in the right Lord, government expertise.

No matter what the evidence says.

“You suffer. I benefit.”

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