Design of Snowflakes Explained

Creation Evolution Headlines has an interesting article, Design of Snowflakes Explained.

It’s worth checking out!

A few snippets to whet your appetite:

llustra has released a new short film on snowflakes. What kind of design do crystals represent, natural or intentional?

Here is a new short film by Illustra Media posted on their free-video website, The John 10:10 Project: “The Jewels of Winter.” It’s beautiful and fun to watch. This season of the year, people can romp like a dog in a crystal palace.


Two Ways to Measure Design

The film makes an inference to design in snowflakes, and most viewers would certainly agree that the beautiful crystals look designed. But a rigorous inference to design—one that would convince a skeptic—requires more evidence. Advocates of intelligent design (ID) theory point out that crystals are not sufficient to make a design inference.


he Robust Way

Determining a robust method for inferring intelligent design led William Dembski to devise a Design Filter. One formulation looks like the flowchart at right. An object under consideration must pass three tests: contingency, complexity and specification.


The Fine-Tuning Way

Another way to approach the design inference is to back up and look at the big picture. Why do natural laws produce these crystal works of art?


A Third Way: Aesthetics

One response that will probably be universal among viewers of the film is that snowflakes are beautiful. What is the purpose of beauty? Why do we respond to it? Why do we recognize it? Beauty in nature seems gratuitous; life could exist without it.

The power’n’control drones — you know, the intellectuals who raved about Stalinist architecture and Le Corbusie brutalism– would adore a word stripped of all beauty. None of that wasteful, inexplicable nonsense about grace and elegance!

God disagrees.

And I value His thinking far, far more than I value theirs.


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