The Action is the Reaction

Opposition Redefined as Terrorism

An interesting video, on the Biden Administration’s push for a witchhunt on dissent opinion:

A good read for today is North’s The New, Improved War on Terrorism: “Crush the Deplorables!”

In the article, he mentions Angelo Codevilla‘s article Clarity in Trump’s Wake. Here, Codevilla writes:

At this moment, the oligarchy wields an awesome complex of official and unofficial powers to exclude whomever it chooses from society’s mainstream. Necessarily, however, exclusions cut both ways. Invariably, to banish another is to banish one’s self as well. Google, Facebook, and Twitter let it be known that they would exclude anything with which they disagree from what had become the near-universal means of communication. They bolstered that by colluding to destroy their competitor, Parler. Did they imagine that 74 million Americans could find no means of communicating otherwise? Simon and Schuster canceled a book by Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) critical of communications monopolies. Did its officials imagine that they would thereby do other than increase the book’s eventual sales, and transfer some of their customers to Hawley’s new publisher? The media effectively suppressed inconvenient news. Did they imagine that this would prevent photos of Black Lives Matter professionals in the forefront of the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol from reaching the public?

In sum, intending to relegate conservative America to society’s servile sidelines, the oligarchy’s members drew a clear, sharp line between themselves and that America. By telling conservative Americans “these institutions and corporations, are ours, not yours,” they freed conservative America of moral obligations toward them and themselves. By abandoning conservative America, they oblige conservative America to abandon them and seek its own way.

The powerful make their own enemies… and teach them how to fight.

To think of conservative America’s predicament as an opportunity is as hyperbolic as it was for Machiavelli to begin the conclusion of The Prince by observing that “in order to know Moses’ virtue it was necessary that the people of Israel be slaves in Egypt, and to know the greatness of Cyrus’s spirit that the Persians be oppressed by the Medes, and to know the excellence of Theseus, that the Athenian people be dispersed, so at the present, in order to know the virtue of an Italian spirit it was necessary that Italy reduce herself to the conditions in which she is at present . . .” 

Machiavelli’s lesson is that the clarity of situations such as he mentions, and such as is conservative America’s following the 2020 election, is itself valuable. Clarity makes illusions of compromise untenable and points to self-reliant action as the only reasonable path. The people might or might not be, as he wrote, “all ready and disposed to follow the flag if only someone were to pick it up.” But surely, someone picking up the flag is the only alternative to servitude.

Angelo Codevilla in Clarity in Trump’s Wake.

And that is exactly what is going to happen.1

See What’s in Front of Your Nose

If you love safety and are comfortable with servitude, bend the knee and serve those who despise you.

If not, don’t.

If you hate your chains, look for lawful, peaceful ways to erode and stress and fracture and degrade and corrode them. The crack of their snapping is the end, not the start, of a long process of relentless hard work.

This starts with freeing your children from Establishment Indoctrination Centres.

Increasingly, conservative Americans live as if under occupation by a hostile power. Whoever would lead them should emulate Charles de Gaulle’s 1941 basic rule for la résistance: refrain from individual or spontaneous acts or expressions that produce only martyrs. But join with thousands in what amount to battles to defeat the enemy’s initiatives, weaken his grip on power, and prepare his defeat.

I would recommend a careful analysis of the Civil Rights movement, as (for obvious reasons) it’s better suited for the American environment.

Even if the participants were of the wrong colour, and led by Leftists (as Southern White Christians point-blank supported their oppression to the hilt) they were most certainly Americans.2

That oppression still goes on: but the chains get weaker and lighter, more and more fragile and brittle. And, in many (I would suggest most, but not all) ways, those chains have been broken.3

And reality must be acknowledged: the solid majority of Progressives, while influenced by Europeans, are Americans.

Upper-class White Americans.4

And they do have a large voting block of Americans – living and dead – to back them. Not German tanks.

As to exactly where this group of American-born but intensely anti-Christian, anti-liberty upper class people came from? I suggest you look to the public schools and the universities… and the cultural envy & inferiority complex the White American upper-class have towards the White Europeans they love to ape.

White Americans intellectuals love White European intellectuals, publicly detest the White American Working Class, and publicly use Black Americans as profitable virtue-signalling props.

Sorting ourselves out into congenial groups has been part of America’s DNA since 1630, when Roger Williams led his followers out of Massachusetts to found Providence Plantations. In the 19th century, the Mormons left unfriendly environments to establish their own settlements. Since 1973, Americans who believe in unborn children’s humanity have largely ceased to intermarry with those who do not. Nobody decided this should happen. It is in the logic of diverging cultures. 

Christians are not forbidden from marrying across racial boundaries: but they are commanded to respect religious borders.

And of course marriage is between one man and one women.

Delusions and Reality

Try to stay connected to reality… as opposed to fearfully thrashing about in the world of delusions, as Our Betters are currently doing.

As conservative America sorts itself out from oligarchy’s social bases, it may be able to restore something like what had existed under the republic. Effectively, two regimes would have to learn to coexist within our present boundaries.

The Ruling Class wants just one regime: theirs.

They won’t get it.

Not so much because of conservative resistance: most conservatives are comfortable with surrendering and retreating and kneeling to and looking up to their Betters, whining behind closed doors, and praying for mystical Rapture escapes from both reality and responsibility.

Conservatives won’t take their children out of the public schools: therefore, they will not pay the price for their liberty.

The Ruling Class will fall for the same reason why the Soviet Union fell, and why the EU — and even the UK itself! — will also fall: economic bankruptcy.

If the Owners don’t have the carrots to buy off the dogs (regardless of colour), the level of resistance spikes up, the cost of resistance collapses, the legitimacy of the Establishment becomes a public laughingstock, and the only real alternative — a limitless number of sticks, prisons, and mass graves — becomes too expensive to purchase.5


God just doesn’t like slave states: and He has angled history to gradually but relentlessly break them down, piece by piece.

God’s friends are welcome to assist Him in His work, as children imitate their fathers.

The reward for taking responsibility and offering diligent service is earned leadership.


What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.

Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals
Quoted from an interesting OpenCulture article

The Inferiors might want to take another look at Rules for Radicals.

Who knows — it could be quite useful in today’s situation.

1As an aside: Teaching a fair percentage of the American population — say, 10% — to never kneel to you isn’t really a masterclass in leadership.

But the Superiors must publicly demonstrate their Superiority on someone’s back.

2Consider: roughly 15 percent of the American population were out-and-out enslaved, then politically and culturally suppressed, for centuries by the malice and contempt of their Betters.

If those forms of oppression — fully backed by the Progressives, from, say, 1880 to 1961 — failed, why should we expect today’s flavour of oppression, frantically slapped together by terrified and culturally isolated politicians, to succeed?

Maybe if it was 1917 Russia (which failed after 70 years) or 1933 Germany (which failed after 13 years).

Governments are good at killing people and taking their things: a power that is legitimate, but needs to be tightly restricted by law. The rest of their promises are blather and fodder.

A different hand is needed to redeem society: the power that Christians need to access does not grow from the barrel of a gun.

3The two final major set of chains are the drug war and the urban public schooling system (the public indoctrination centres apply to all Americans, but the worst and most incompetent ones are placed in majority-Black districts).

It will take a while for the profitable drug war to end, with it’s civil asset forfeitures and it’s targeted hatred of blacks, dating from the time of Nixon and given a protective coat of pious moralization by Nancy Reagan. It will take even longer for the government-funded atheistic churches to be closed: people love their free gruel and to ditch their responsibilities on someone elses’ feet.

But both control systems will end, defunded by the God of Reality…

…and not by some Mighty Leader of the Right. After all, the conservatives heartily back the drug war and the public schools (and the military empire of bases, and the alphabet agencies, and the White Welfare State of Social Security and Medicare – with an increasingly hollow (but vigorously repeated) set of lies.

I almost forgot Medicaid, the welfare payoff to keep Black opposition quiet. Along with a few coins tossed about for Black mothers: “far safer than breaking down the restrictions keeping Blacks from standing on their own feet.”

Odd, that Black Community Leaders refrain from demanding an end to the unwarranted licensing and bureaucratic barriers on Black businesses and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, they are always crying out for more money to be out in the Straw Leader’s hands, to be handed out to buy more friends, more power, and more home comforts.

Well, maybe not that odd.

4With, admittedly, a large number of purchased Black supporters who mistake money, establishment prizes, and racial set-asides for love and concern.

Tell me when the Black Leadership start asking why Democratic Blacks and the Democratic Police aren’t on the same page, and then I will start taking them seriously.

5Unless you are the Khmer Rouge.

Progressive intellectuals wouldn’t mind this much, so long as they are in charge of the camps (see The Love of Your Betters for details), but the money-boys who finance them won’t tolerate that road.

“When you take the King’s Coin, you are the King’s Man.”

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