Promises, Reality; Innocence, Righteousness

Quora: What movies from the 70s are so outrageous and shocking that they couldn’t be made today?

Movie-Art Kino

“Les Valseuses “ of 1974 qualifies for an outrageous film. (In English it was released as “Going places”.

It perfectly reflects the mood of the 70’s in France : President Pompidou has died, Giscard was elected because he represented YOUTH. It’s the time when majority was set at 18 and abortion was no longer legally punishable.

It’s all about SEX. Not sex as passion, or sex that implies complications, guilt feelings …No in this picture sex is totally innocent and joyful, in a world where two hooligans commit minor delinquencies mostly just to have fun. The two young men are joined by an adolescent girl…and the three try and fail to reach climax despite their repeated and persistent attempts.

This is the first major cinematic role of Gérard Depardieu and playing the part of an innocent thug comes very naturally for him : that is exactly what he was at the time before he became arguably the greatest living French actor. Innocent nudity is what describes the performance of Miou-Miou – who also went on for a long film career. The other young man : Patrick Devaere has long been considered as an alter ego of Depardieu, and amongst the minor characters one recognizes Jeanne Moreau and also Isabelle Huppert.

Nowadays films don’t hesitate to show nudity, sex scenes, criminal conduct …what we no longer could present is the joyful innocence of all of it. That period is gone.

Foolish people are baited by easy promises, they lust for magic, “something for nothing”.

They got their fornication, and removed the legal consequences…and so got the cultural and demographic consequences instead.

The interesting thing is, it has now been 60 years since the 60s and the sexual revolution. Today, there is something of a trend in the decline of sexual activity among the young: not only in Japan, but in the United States as well.

But there is no return to innocence. And there never shall be.

Decades after the Great Default – around 2070, to pick a number out of a hat – there may well be legal consequences for various forms of sexual deviancy. But even that will be quite local, and rather easy to evade by crossing a border.

And the Internet will always be there. And by 2070, the sexbots will probably be in full production.

Let’s say that by 2200 secularism (and one of it’s signature moves, the sexual revolution) is dead and gone. People who were never born do not have children, and secularists never did care for kids or family, not from Voltaire and Rousseau onward.

Even then, even after pro-natal, God-oriented cultures are the expanding survivors of a dead civilization, the electronic ruins of the old will be rather easy to pick through. Enough to insure that there will be precious little sexual innocence and naivete in the world, even at 2200.

Just a broad-based turning away from corpses and graveyards.

There is no return to innocence. But, among the living, there can be a return to righteousness. Censorship regimes aren’t coming back, but there is self-discipline, the willingness to trade a better future at the cost of denying your present desires.

Those who make that trade win the future; those who don’t, lose.

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