Delusion Unto Death

Focusing on Romans 1:18-32, Rushdoony notes in his speech on Seventh Commandment: Homosexuality, that

These perversions are all defended by many writers today. For example Dr. Lars (Olfstam?) of Sweden defends all perversions, in fact he demands that the very word perversion be dropped. He defends for example incest, and he says he is happy to see it on the increase among his friends, he defends exhibitionism, pedophilia, (Scerilomania?), (Algamania?), homosexuality, copraphilia, necrophilia, and many many other perversions.

In fact there is only one thing he criticizes, and speaks of it as the one dangerous form of sexual relationships, and I quote: “Of all forms of sexual intercourse, the heterosexual kind,” (that is between man and woman, the normal,) “is the most dangerous. Having the greatest potential risks in social consequences. And yet this act is hedged about with fewer restrictions and several other sexual expressions of a far tamer kind. Nevertheless we consider a happy and healthy state of things that people satisfy their sexual urge in this risky manner. Would it not be better if we encouraged people to perversions instead, and taught them to condition their sexual secretions to other rites and stimuli beside heterosexual coalition. Would it not be in the interest of the whole world, to provide such education which might in the long run prove a solution to the problem of over-population?”

And so of course he calls for special education in the schools which will gear children to everything except normal sexuality and this is precisely what we are getting today. It is interesting that (Yves deSainte-Agnes?) who writes the introduction to Doctor (Ellard Stans?) book says very candidly and I quote: “Present day Sweden is living through a sexual revolution. The first victim to be hunted down is morality. In Religious wars, absolution is always given to deeds of violence committed for the cause. Similarly the crusade against classical morality lends its participants a kind of immunity.”

Now (Yves deSainte-Agnes?) says this approvingly. In other words, there is, and we could say not only in Sweden but everywhere in the world today a revolution going on, a religious war. And the first victim to be hunted down is morality, Biblical morality. And any kind of violence for the cause is now approved, because it is a war and it is a holy war for these people against Christianity.

The Christian is today the villain. It is his morality which is regarded as degenerate and perverted and twisted, and the pervert is regarded as the misunderstood, sensitive soul. I can spend hours citing various modern writers who play variations of that theme.

Note that Rushdoony’s “today” was roughly in the late 60s/early 70s period.

And you can be sure that the long buildup to ever-greater apostasy, leading to ever greater delusions, and ending in ever vaster graveyards, goes back to at least the Marquis de Sade, if not earlier to certain Renaissance leaders and thinkers, drawing their inspiration from Greece and Rome.

But in our “today”, we are near the end of the process, not the beginning.

All the fun has been drained out and sucked dry: only fantasy money keeps the process going.

But let us examine what various writers today, who are not Christian, and who are not hostile to the homosexual have to say concerning it. How do they analyze the homosexual character? First of all, the homosexual character is governed by an abnormal fear of aging and of death. As a result, the homosexual insists on dressing and acting the part of perpetual youth, in particular, immature youth. And this façade is maintained at all times as a religious thing. The worship of youth leads to the adoption of styles which stress youth, and especially recall the innocent child, the preadolescent child to mind, or the very young adolescent. What they are looking for is of course the amoral world of perpetual childhood, to be beyond good and evil. Because maturity means responsibility, it means laws, it means standards, it means a working world. And therefore both in mental attitudes and in styles, in the perpetual (clothes?) this attitude of childhood and of youth is cultivated. In effect to say: “We are never going to grow up to the world of law, of responsibility, and of morality.”

Second, because there is this insistence on being perpetually immature; never growing up and assuming responsibilities, there is this war against standards. If there is a standard it has to be attacked. And as a result, a new kind of standard, an anti-standard has to be made to stand. Thus homosexuals delight in making studied vulgarity high-style. As a result a prominent fashion editor in New York, Marilyn Bender who is definitely not hostile to the homosexuals, comments on camp tastes, that is, homosexual tastes, and cites also the evidence of (Susan Comtag?) and I quote: “(Camp?) has been a synonym for homosexual for 40 years in England and for about a decade in New York. (Misomtag?) offered more than 50 definitions of (camp?). A love of the exaggerated, a spirit of extravagance, a style of extensive content, and the declaration that there is a good taste in bad taste. (Camp?) is anti-serious, appreciative of the vulgar and the banal.”

The example she gives of (Camp?) tastes: “Aubrey Beardsley drawings, Tiffany lamps, twenties woman’s clothes including feather boas and beaded dresses, Leslie Berkeley musicals like the Gold Diggers of 1993 have become canons of faith for fashion display artists, boutique owners and apartment store merchandisers.”

This is an aspect of the homosexual. Anti-nomianism, to subvert laws and standards with anti-law laws, and anti-standard standards. To replace sound standards with arbitrary and vulgar ones in other words which mock the very idea of law, of taste, and of standards. There is a deep satisfaction for them in subverting everything, and asserting man’s own autonomy.

Third, homosexual culture is bitterly hostile to the family and to small town culture, the stability. Today it controls very largely, this is recognized by many writers, the world of fashions and the world of publishing. And it uses these two media, communications and styles, to war against the family and small town culture against the law and against standards. The canons of homosexual culture today are the standards of the Jet-set, very emphatically, and more and more of all society. The homosexual culture today is infecting the world at large.

A fourth aspect is the hatred of God’s reality, an insistence on wars against reality, in living in a world of make believe. As a result, the theatre is the natural element of these people. Some scholars, again not Christian, have pointed out there has been by-and-large a strong homosexual control of the theatre, in varying degrees in different times, from the days of the Romans. But part and parcel of this homosexual control of the theatre has been the delight in prostituting women, in using them and abusing them for the sheer delight of showing their contempt for them.

As well will see, when all the women’s sports champions become, in time, men who claim to be women.

A blatant, contemptuous lie enforced by the might and power of the State, it’s money, and its bureaucrats, badges and guns.

And we will watch as the feminists fall silent.

“Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.”

Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. And what is built today has as Saint Paul declared, all the earmarks of a homosexual culture. That is, a culture at war with God and God’s reality, and is therefore under the judgment of God, who, knowing the judgement of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them. Let us pray.

The Secular State will continue to hate God, and therefore hate objective reality. And it will insist that all play along with it’s fantasies, just like in any other lawless dictatorship.

“One plus one equals three when the Right Sort says it does!”

I suspect that they will get some level of obedience, so long as they have a sufficient number of carrots and sticks.

But the ability of fascist (and Keynesian) cultures to generate wealth declines, along with their population and their saving base.

And then the money is inflated, and then it is gone.

No more carrots. Just sticks.

And without the carrots, there is no legitimacy for secularist rule.

Only resentment, sullen hostility, and an ever-expanding lawlessness and nihilism… especially among the young men so openly despised by the educational system.

Some other future, a future that is not built on the hatred of a reality that is defined by God, not the fantasies of men, will arise from the bankrupt ruins.

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