Magical Mysticism

Lawless, illogical mysticism has no place in Christianity.

But Our Betters have a warm place for it… so long as it gives them power over others.

Suzu M
I’d like to point out something again, though I have written before about this. I have a daughter who has some issues with her ears. She is 13 right now. It just so happens that when I had the ultra sound when she was 20 weeks gestation, she was tugging on her ear in the picture.

And to go back even YOUNGER, in her 12 week gestation ultra sound, she was AGAIN pulling at her ear. So we have ‘fetal’ stages at 12 weeks (the child is about 2 inches long from crown to rump).

At 20 weeks, the child is about 6 and 1/2 inches from crown to rump.

At 13 YEARS, my child is about 5’2.

And she was pulling her ears at each of those stages.

No one should EVER tell me, that my daughter was not a person who could physically feel or be aware. Those ultra sounds were pretty unique…and they showed a common thread throughout each stage….she was a person, even at 2 inches.

Something, indeed, to think about during your first trimester.

Bad habits are sometimes picked up very early.

But only the living can have a bad habit.

From: Choice42


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