The New Progressive Hatred

Reflections on the GetReligion It was hard to edit God out of Cicely Tyson’s epic story, but some journalists gave it a try

It isn’t just the New York Times that prefer to edit out Cicely Tyson’s spirit while focusing on her genetics, but also the Associated Press.

Just a reminder, to extend your zone of distrust when it comes to the mainstream media. “It’s not so much what they say, but what they neglect to mention.”

A Change of Swords…

Now, there was a time when the mainstream press preferred to have people like Cicely Tyson either kept in the background, or simply ignored.

But now, her people are now prized trophies to be shown about… but their words, thoughts and hearts politely ignored when they pose a challenge to their Friends.

Well… I suppose it’s progress of a sort. Better than having the Progressives openly look for ways to diminish the numbers and wealth of Black people, at least.

And – far more important to our Betters – there is a more elegant, poise style for today’s fear and loathing. A more spiritual matter, than a physical matter.

…But a Weakening Sword Arm

The far Left is losing. It makes a lot of noise, but it is clearly on the defensive.

It is crucial that conservatives not be fooled by Antifa’s noise. Antifa is opposed to the neo-liberal establishment. There is a civil war inside liberalism.

The liberal establishment is immune to the far Left. But it has always been immune to it. Biden won. Sanders lost.

The main threat to the establishment is not Antifa. It is the enraged Trump wing of the Republican Party. Trump mobilized them. They did not know how many of them there are. Now they do. So does the establishment.

The establishment is suffering from nine decades of self-confidence. When any faction holds social or political power for decades, it becomes intellectually and morally flaccid.

Today, the establishment is facing revolts from the Right and the Left. It can barely win an election. Trump’s voters are hard core. They are not going to be placated. There will be no political unity in America. Biden will not bring us together. He does not perceive the total hostility to him and his regime. The good old boy politics that prevailed when he was elected in 1972 is gone with the wind.

Gary North, The American Oligarchy and The New York Times

There is a possibility that Conservatives will finally decide to up their game.

If they can’t pull an aging, fearful, increasingly isolated, and petty-dictatorial Ruling Aristocracy off its trembling pedestal of power, then of what use are they, anyways?


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