The Police State is Doomed (Or, Animal Farm, Revised)

I am perceived by many readers as a pessimist. I am not a pessimist. I am an optimist beyond your wildest imagination. I am an eschatological postmillennialist. There are not many of us. I am also a believer in the free market social order — not just in its superiority in theory, but in its inevitable triumph in history. I believe that Leonard E. Read’s book title is correct: Then Truth Will Out.

I am not an optimist with respect to the pathway between here and there. Big Brother lurks in the state-maintained shrubbery of the pathway.

When a pride of lions is waiting patiently in the tall grass for zebras, some zebras are going to get eaten. When we think “bureaucrats,” we should think “lions.” We are zebras.

There will be losses. But the lions are getting old. They don’t run as fast these days. Zebras are multiplying. Think “China.” Think “Russia.” Then think back to Mao and Stalin. If those two concentration camps could collapse without a shot being fired, don’t tell me about the inevitability of tyranny.

Lincoln Steffens visited the Soviet Union in 1921 and returned to say, “I have been over into the future, and it works.” No, it didn’t. Neither do the mini-despotisms of the various Keynesian utopias. Their employees will not receive those pensions after all.

Gary North, The Police State is Doomed

The Police State is doomed.

This is good news for Christians, and bad news for our enemies.

Also… we could use some more hippos and rhinos in the ranks. Not just zebras, and certainly not just sheep.

Maybe a few giraffes on look-out.


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