The Work Ethic Fades…

The Rot of the New World Order gets serious.

From Gary North, Why Oldsters Have a Huge Advantage in the Marketplace . . . If They Keep Their Skills

Quotes from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, Older Workers Accounted for All Net Employment Growth in Past 20 Years.

What Was Inevitable

The first key difference between the two age groups between 2000 and 2020 was population growth. While both groups became larger, the 60 and older age group increased by about 32 million, or 72%, while the 16-59 age group increased by about 15.5 million, or 9%.

As North notes, this pints to the Great Bust Up of Medicare first, and then Social Security.

There’s no way a rapidly aging and slowing economy is going to keep things the way they are.

Unfortunately, the politicians will never, ever say “we goofed.” Instead, there are going to be salami-slice tactics, hikes in the required aging, greater means testing, etc.

Not a sudden collapse, but a slow strangulation. And an ever-increasing shouting match over a shrinking pie.

The Big Surprise

The second important difference between the two groups was a decline of 6.4 percentage points in the E-P ratio of the 16-59 age group, while the E-P ratio increased by 6.8 percentage points among the 60 and older age group.

It’s understandable that more older people are willing to work.

It’s surprising… and ominous… to see that fewer people are willing to work.

After quoting the St. Louis Fed, North adds:

This is mind-boggling. It means that the so-called Protestant work ethic among younger people is fading away. I can see no other reason to explain why there would be an actual decline of 6.4 percentage points in the employment to population ratio among younger workers. This is the phenomenon described by Charles Murray in his book, Coming Apart (2012).

It happened among the black population, and the rot is spreading among the white population as well.

If Christians teach their children to work, as well as to speak and live the truth — in private and in public, they will grow in statue, local respect, wealth, and even political power as the rotting secular civilization dies.

The process will be speeded up with homeschooling.

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