God, Black Holes, and the Supernatural

From Evolution News ans Science Today: Is the Designer a Black Hole? by Michael Egnor

—<Quote begins>—

The irony here is that while the discovery that a black hole may have influenced evolution of life on earth is indeed great science and may well serve as the basis for (another) Nobel Prize, the massive amount of evidence for an intelligent designer in life and in evolution is completely ignored. 

Intelligent design deniers would argue that a black hole is a natural object, whereas an intelligent designer (if He happened to be God) is outside of the purview of science. But the parallels between an intelligent designer and a black hole as valid objects of scientific inquiry are quite close.

Both an intelligent designer (assuming we’re talking about God) and a black hole are supernatural, in the sense that they are not objects in the natural world. This may not surprise you about God, but it is also true of black holes. Black holes are singularities in Einstein’s equations of general relativity, which means that from the standpoint of physics they are undefined, just as the ratio of any number to zero in mathematics is undefined. So black holes are supernatural, and are not objects in nature. They have effects in nature, due to their enormous gravitational fields, but it is the effect, not the black hole itself, that is natural.

Exactly the same thing is true of a supernatural Designer, Who exerts effects on nature without Himself being an object in nature.

Inference to God

In our modern Alice-in-Wonderland atheist scientific community, inference to supernatural singularities as influencers of evolution of life on Earth is potential Nobel Prize-winning research, but inference to God as the intelligent designer — for which there is massively more evidence than that for the inference to effects from a black hole — is banned from polite scientific discourse, and simply stating this hypothesis can damage or end your scientific career.

Supernatural agents that exert natural effects are perfectly valid objects of scientific inquiry. The Big Bang itself, which was the beginning of our universe, was the effect of a primordial supernatural singularity. Black holes are supernatural, and their investigation is exciting and good science. The inference to design in life and in the universe is immeasurably more exciting, and, even more than the inference to black holes, is superb science.

—<Quote ends>—

So both God and Black Holes have measurable effects on nature, but themselves are not of nature.

  • Black holes are undefined, as any number divided by zero is undefined.
  • For different reasons, God is also mathematically undefined.

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