Three Good Chalcedon Articles

Of course, there are more than just three articles to read on that site!

What I mean is, there are three good recent articles that are definitely worth your time.

One of the best things Chalcedon is up to is that it isn’t just good teaching, but they are also striving to set an example of good action. In this article, we learn of the various activities Chalcedon is up to to strengthen the bonds of a committed Christian community.

With the end of a common faith and a common standard of justice, comes the end of a common nation. Mark Rushdoony outlines the implications of a disintegrating culture for a growing and strengthening Christian community, a people with a future.

Christians who intend to build the future cannot afford to shift their focus on flinging abusive and contemptuous insults on another man’s character. As Selbrede notes, there are no revilers in the Kingdom of God, no more than there are murderers or cowards or thieves.

Check them out!

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