COVID and Media Timidity

You know how it works by now:

According to our opinion molders, any movements in the COVID numbers are a reflection of the compliance, or otherwise, of the public with the usual array of the state’s so-called mitigation measures.

Now if we had any actual journalists, some of them would observe the absurdity of all this. After all, societies with little in common and remote from each other have seen exactly the same curves; we’re supposed to believe that this is because their peoples all complied, and then didn’t comply, and then complied again on exactly the same timetable?

Can people be this thick?

Thus Elaine Godfrey at The Atlantic just wrote, “In November I wrote a story about how COVID-19 was overwhelming Iowa’s hospitals. Back then, public-health experts predicted another big surge after the holidays, but it never came. I went back to those experts to find out why.”

Those “experts” have been wrong over and over again, yet Godfrey still considers this mysterious.

She’d better follow up with these people who were totally wrong, ask them why they were totally wrong, and then uncritically repeat their answers to her audience.

Tom Woods: Another COVID surge that wasn’t: watch a journalist cover her tracks

I like that last paragraph.

You can use it to differentiate the trained propagandists from actual journalists.

Interestingly, I don’t think that real journalists are really that rare.

Instead, I think that all the big money goes to those who stick with the script they have been handed.

BIg money has an impact: but people who actually read the news to learn something about reality are increasingly going to look for the real reporters.

And in the meantime, the mainstream media declines in influence, and so less big money is willing to be used to prop up a declining asset, a weakening control tool.

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