No COVID Baby Boom

Back in March and April, when the first round of lockdowns and quarantines began in the United States, many people were predicting a baby boom nine months later. After all, historically, when an event (such as a major weather calamity) forces people to stay home, babies arrive nine months later. These “COVID babies,” “quarantine babies,” or “‘Rona babies,” as people were calling them, should be here by now . . . but they aren’t. According to one researcher, there’s been no “baby boom.”

Sociologist and demographer Philip Cohen from the University of Maryland compiled data for birth rates in 2020, and he found “birth rates have substantially declined during the past few months.” Rather than a baby boom, it’s been a baby bust with—for example, an 8% drop in Florida, 7% in Ohio, and 5% in Arizona compared to 2019. Cohen also noted that pregnancy-related Google searches are down as well. And keep in mind, the birth rate here in the United States is already at historic lows! As Cohen said, “This is a bad situation . . . The declines we’re seeing now are . . . pretty substantial.”

Now why could this be? Well, Cohen pointed to factors such as economic instability and the “expense” of having a child as a reason people may delay or decline having children. But it certainly goes deeper than that: the birth rate in the US (and across the West and in many other nations) has been dropping every year for a while.

Where Are the “COVID Babies”? by Ken Ham

Actually, I’m rather sure that expense is the main driver for the lack of children.

But, Ken Ham does have a substantial point: if people really wanted to have and raise children, they would make the necessary lifestyle sacrifices to have them.

They simply don’t want children, as they are basically an expense and a timesink, and they trust the State (not children) to care for their old age.

A big mistake: but the politicians that insist that this is foolishness, or simply unaffordable, will not be re-elected.

The politicians reflect the people even in an absolute monarchy: far more so in a democracy, or a republic.

Christians are to understand that children are an expense and a timesink… and also (along with conversions and missionary work of all types) major tools for the expansion of the Kingdom of God into the future. The prices – in money and time and energy – simply must be paid, if you want to build up and shape a civilization.

God paid a price to raise up His Kingdom on Earth. And the servants are not greater than their Master.

Moreover: the time must be put to the family (or a Christian school) to raise up the children, if you want them to build up God’s Kingdom, rather than Satan’s.

Think about it—the prevailing religion of the West is secularism, with the majority of young people today (Gen Y and Z) holding to this religion. Secularism/humanism teaches that you are your own god, you only have one life, you control your own life, you are accountable to no one, and you do whatever you think is best for you right now. There’s no ultimate authority and no God. Feminism, LGBTQ, sexual “freedom,” and abortion are integral to this worldview. Marriage is looked down on, careers and successes are praised, and children are disposable and considered a hindrance to free sex, a successful career, and freedom to travel or do whatever you want. The anti-God secular worldview is inherently anti-family, anti-marriage, and anti-children.

Where Are the “COVID Babies”? by Ken Ham

Let your enemies teach your children, and they get to shape your future.

Now, a sterile, short-sighted, self-centred, and destructive people are not going to last long on this world. But they will cause pain and sorrow for a time, just as Pagan Rome or Communist Russia did.

Christians are being handed the future of this world on a platter. Christians should do the work, and pay the price, to take it.

That takes faith in God and His Law-Word (that you don’t see), as opposed to dreading powerful men and their sticks and carrots (that you can see).

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