Sissy Hypnosis

If you – and your sons – aren’t interested in being the disposable, broken, twisted playthings that the grinning men behind the Sissy Hypnosis wants to turn you into, you had better stick with God, His Law, and Chastity (celibacy or marriage, as God defines it.)

Anything else, and you will be ground under the heels of the Right Sort.

As they laugh, and laugh, and laugh…

And age, and grow delusional and feeble…

While you raise your family up, and take the future they cut themselves off from in the name of temporary pleasure and the fantasy of redefining reality on their own authority.

Obedience to God has more than a few benefits — not just a good probability of a decent middle-class life, not just building your own little civilization of love, truth, justice, and compassion (called a family), not just a firm grip on reality, not just greater access to joy and contentment — and you’d be surprised how many (and how extensive!) of those benefits actually are in this world.

As well as the even greater benefits in the next.

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