Nothing Good Happens…

Part of getting the good religion story involves thinking ahead. Once the social media platform Parler got shut down, the question was where religious conservatives are going to go next.

Whether we’re talking evangelicals or Pentecostal/charismatics, Latter-day Saints or conservative Jews, these groups together number at least one-fifth of the American populace, so the question is an important one.

Oddly I’ve seen no stories about this.

The shutting down of Parler set off major alarms. I’ve been writing about Pentecostal prophets a lot in recent weeks and nearly everyone, when posting on places like Twitter or Facebook, darkly warn how this may be the last time you read them and to please get used to calling up their web sites instead. They don’t need to get warned twice.

Enter alternate social media platforms. Ever hear of Jesus.Social,, or along with Minds, Gab, MeWe or Rumble? Or Xapit, the network sponsored by the prophetic web site ElijahList?

I’d like to see some stories on where religious folks are going. We know they are signing up by the millions on alternate sites.

Another angle is the depth of anger some feel toward the Big Tech folks that pushed Parler off the air. One reason Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley is going to outlast the current controversies he’s involved in is that he’s concentrated on Big Tech and media censorship during his short career and those are issues a lot of people care about.

Fox Business News calls this the danger of “woke religion” taking over the Internet.

From social media to stocks: How are religious conservatives punishing Big Tech?
by Julia Duin

Nothing good happens… unless a price is paid.

So here are two angles for a possible religious reaction-against-Big-Tech story: People searching and leaving for alternate media platforms and others switching their investments. Both are telltale signs that mark whether true believers are either angry enough to do something about the situation or just happy to linger on Twitter and invest in abortion-friendly health stocks.

I’m convinced these stories are out there. There is a resistance; 70 million-plus voters who went for Trump aren’t going to sit on their hands for the next four years and many of them have religious convictions. After the storming of the U.S. Capitol next month, there’s the “what next?” question in terms of covering what the Religious Right (a term that is so 1980s) may do.

From social media to stocks: How are religious conservatives punishing Big Tech?
by Julia Duin

Astonishing, a down payment is actually being made.

Not the real deal — that would be homeschooling — but something.

Yes, it was triggered not because of Christian conviction, but Establishment reaction against Christian conviction.

But even so… an actual price is actually being paid for victory.

Well. Actually, I’m pretty sure that even now, most Christians merely want survival. Not victory.

But they are finally waking up to the fact that there will be no survival, unless victory is gained.

After all, the Right Sort was pleased to simply wipe the Deplorables off the map electronically, from both Twitter and in shutting down Parler.

And when the enemy eagerly moves to shut you up, you start getting suspicions on what their end goal is.

The greatest gift Our Betters have ever given to us is the gift of clarity, as first noted by Codevilla, then expanded by North and finally echoed in my article.

Millions of American Christians are finally getting a grip on the pure depth of the malice the Right Sort has towards them.

It’s about time.

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