Different Rules for Those People

It’s amazing the Democrats obsessed about Russian interference in our election for four years. We even had a special counsel investigate it for 2 years. And yet here we are just a few weeks into the Biden presidency and if we even dare question the legitimacy of the election we are kicked off social media, called terrorists and accused of violating “civic integrity.”

Bill Mitchell

Our Betters don’t care much for the concept of the Rule of Law, or justice, or impartiality.

Just power and control.

Not much talk about “the need for a national conversation”, either.

Only that the Right Sort talk, and the Wrong Sort shut up…

…or be shut down.

I’m still pushing for a non-violent breakup of the United States. And I think it’s quite achievable.

Especially after the treats and the bribes and the welfare checks (including Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid) crumble into worthlessness.

Certainly, though, you aren’t going to have a united country anymore.

That’s pretty much a non-starter now.

Part of getting the good religion story involves thinking ahead. Once the social media platform Parler got shut down, the question was where religious conservatives are going to go next.

Whether we’re talking evangelicals or Pentecostal/charismatics, Latter-day Saints or conservative Jews, these groups together number at least one-fifth of the American populace, so the question is an important one.

Oddly I’ve seen no stories about this.

From social media to stocks: How are religious conservatives punishing Big Tech? by Julia Duin

Our Betters are not merely short-sighted on one side, they are also profoundly incurious and absurdly herd-minded on the other.

They can afford to be contemptuously arrogant, though, so long as the dogs yap for their treats, right across the political spectrum.

But keep an eye for the day the treats run out.

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