One Week or Thirty Years

When the rioters began their push to breach the Capitol Building, lawmakers were forced to shelter in place, before then evacuating to a secure location. For some of them, the day’s events were evidently traumatic. That can be seen in the hyperbolic language that’s been used to describe the storming, like Chuck Schumer likening it to Pearl Harbor. The stormers crossed the threshold of the establishment’s cushy elitism and exposed lawmakers to the real-world ire their actions create. As described in a passage from Cato’s Letters, “The only secret … in forming a free government is to make the interests of the governors and of the governed the same.” Angry populists, who’ve watched federal decrees wreak havoc on their lives, turned around and gave lawmakers a taste of their own medicine.

In the wake of this, the media-government alliance has clamped down against the populist right harder than ever before. Yet, in this vicious pushback, one can sense a prescient hint of panic within establishment ranks that the threads of their dominance may finally be unraveling. Far from playing a domineering role, the establishment politicos find themselves on the defensive in a politically unstable position. Someday—whether it be in one week or thirty years—the US could face a serious period of mass antiestablishment demonstrations; if that day comes, it’ll signal the Washington elite’s ultimate failure.

With no cards left to play, they may be forced to tread lightly on the right-wing populists and avoid violent confrontation as much as possible, for fear of repercussions like those of January 6. This may force their hand into granting the Right some concessions—perhaps some very big ones, like a return to more states’ rights or, better yet, the right of unilateral secession. This would short-circuit the federal order and help restore to America’s overtaxed and overburdened some of their long-withheld freedoms. With everything in view, it looks like the journey down this path may have already begun.

Why the Capitol Riot Terrified the Elite by James Ketler

If I were a betting man, I’d suggest 15 years for the target date for the fall of the Establishment.

In about ten years, there should be no longer any such thing as a “mainstream narrative”.

But the real clincher will be the end of the welfare state – Social Security, yes, but especially Medicare and Medicaid. When those programs get round after round of “temporary restrictions”, “sustainable age limits” and “additional means testing”, the delegitimization of the Progressive Order will accelerate in speed, becoming simply unstoppable.

No more treats for the dogs, to insure obedience and submission.

Aside: note that the above focuses on the end of the welfare state for the masses, which leads to the discrediting and collapse of a century of Progressive Rule.

There is a distinct possibility that the welfare state for the financial institutions and the major corporations will also go belly-up. Should that happen, the collapse of the government of the United States of America (and a majority of the G-20 governments!) becomes a live possibility.

My advice?

Go local. Build your community.

It is those who take responsibility, who pay the price today, who will gain legitimacy as leaders tomorrow.

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