Christian Academic Incompetence

My words are in bold.

Deneen is one of the brightest Christian scholars in the country. His book, Why Liberalism Failed, was published in 2018 by Yale University Press. It is a very good book. […]

The problem is this: Deneen does not go to the Bible in search of either his analysis or the potential for reconstructing both political theory and political society. In an hour-long speech, he only mentioned the Bible at 56:40. He insisted that the various theories of society that he offered, which do not agree with each other, are also taught in the Bible. He did not offer any specifics. He expected the students to believe him. They should not have believed him. In any case, this is irrelevant if he cannot show which Bible passages affect political theory in what ways. He has not attempted this.

This has been the strategy of Christian scholars for 1800 years. They devote their lives to studying what pagan philosophers and pagan social theorists have taught, and then they offer a few disjointed biblical insights that seem to confirm the worldview of the pagan humanists they have been quoting. They expect faithful Christians to believe them.


The Well-Deserved Inferiority Complex of High-Tuition Christian Colleges
Gary North

Most of what we have had, for 1800 years, are “Christian intellectual leaders” who cringe before the pagans.

The hour-long speech is here, by the way.

I would analyze political theory in terms of the Bible’s five-point covenant structure: sovereignty, authority (representation), law, sanctions (oaths), and succession.

The Well-Deserved Inferiority Complex of High-Tuition Christian Colleges
Gary North

A single sentence from a scholar who takes God seriously offers more hope for God-ordained justice and truth than entire libraries and universities stuffed with pious Christian cant.

The world thinks of Christians as third-rate performers in every field. That is generally a correct assessment. These is no commitment to excellence in the subculture of Christianity. “Shoddy is good enough for Jesus.” When there is a glimmer of desire to produce something marginally superior, they go to humanists to baptize them institutionally. That is why accreditation by their enemies is such a powerful lever of control. This is why Christian scholars have had an inferiority complex for over a century. They deserve it.

There is a reason why Christian colleges will not post all of their lectures on YouTube. The whole world could see how third-rate they are. The schools prefer to charge parents $25,000 to $55,000 a year in tuition, plus $10,000 for textbooks, room, and board. The parents are terminally naïve. They think their children are getting first-rate educations. If Christian colleges believed in academic excellence, they would post their videos online for everybody to see. That is what the best universities do.

The Well-Deserved Inferiority Complex of High-Tuition Christian Colleges
Gary North

A time will come when fourth-rate Christian academic institutions will be openly laughed at and brushed aside.

That will be a good day for the Kingdom of God, even as the Christian “scholars” and “theologians” flee the mocking public eye in shame and failure.

As they should.

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