Christian Academic Incompetence: The Core

What you will hear in this speech is typical of all Christian higher education for the past thousand years. There is no appeal to the Bible in search of solutions. This has led to the secularization of Western civilization.

The Well-Deserved Inferiority Complex of High-Tuition Christian Colleges
by Gary North

(Also see: “Christian Higher Education” Is an Oxymoron
‘You know: like “jumbo shrimp.”‘)

This is the core of the issue.

If “Christian scholars” will not hear and obey what God says… if they won’t take what God says as authoritative and definitive, why should any other thinker?

They won’t. That’s what.

But the abject failures of a sterile, corrupt, and worthless “Christian” academic tradition will be swept aside in the coming years and decades.

After all, Christian scholars just the hollow, powerless shadows, echo chambers, and fawning imitations of the far more formidable and authoritative academic secularist.

An academic superstructure which is also rapidly withering and dying:

  • unable to tell men from women,
  • or that 2 + 2 = 4 whether you are white or black,
  • or that the innocent are not to be killed,
  • or that theft is wrong,
  • or that the Law stands above powerful men,
  • or that actual science is science that requires actual evidence that can be duplicated, and that can be refuted/disproved.

It’s long past time that Christians stopped aping their dying, intensely anti-Christian, and increasingly delusional masters.

You know, the kind of people who increasingly rely on censorship and government/corporate power to win “arguments”.

After all, Darwinism is at the core of modern Western thought.

And Darwinism is not about the need for truth and justice.
It’s about the need for survival and safety… and, therefore, it’s about the need for power and control.

A.k.a. “Mighty Men Will Save Us!”

The secularist insists in trusting in lawyers and certified experts and guns and badges and media management… regardless of the evidence before him.

Talk about faith in mirages and delusions!

Get off the singing ship of Man, and obey the living God.

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