Don’t Go to College, Miss V.

After giving some sound advice, Gary North continued:

She did not take my advice. She took the scholarship. She graduated. No job offers. So, she earned a Master’s degree. No job offers. She is now working on a Ph.D. To support herself, she teaches children how to play piano.

She still paints, but only for amusement. I wrote: “I realize that there are a lot of young Chinese painters who sell their paintings for very little money. But you could become a regional painter. That would give you an edge.” She moved away from the region. She never perfected that edge.

At 16, she was one of the most sophisticated and charming young women I have ever met. Nice looking, too. She would have blown the regional art world away for five years: a prodigy in every sense. That opportunity is gone.

She won a scholarship a decade ago. It was a very expensive scholarship.

My bet? There will be no job offers after she gets the Ph.D, either.

Getting an official job hunting license from an accredited institution is only worth it if you can’t make your own job, and stand on your own two feet.

Ad when I say “job hunting license”, I mean a B.A./B.Sci for everything except a medical physician, or for a handful of uniquely talented technologists, engineers, etc.

Miss V. didn’t need any of that, but I bet she listened to her Chinese parents.

  • Not the smart, gutsy ones who build their own business serving others.
  • Nut the dumb, fearful ones who lust for job security via guild membership, certified by Proper Authority.


The era of guild controls are dying.

Don’t go down with the ship, like Miss V. did.

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