How Christianity Ruined Science

Direct copy-paste from Uncommon Descent’s The Bee stings again: 7 ways Christianity ruined science

—<Quote begins>—

Christianity really messed up science. Two of the 7 ways:

● The scientific method was created by a devout Christian, which burdens scientists with restrictive fundamentalist rules: The scientific method limits our science. We’re tired of fundamentalist Christians always imposing strict rules. Live a little, for goodness sake!

● Christianity gives people a transcendent meaning and purpose outside themselves, which is totally lame and anti-science: Science would be so much cooler if we could explore ideas like eugenics and DNA tampering and creating a race of robots to enslave humanity without worrying about morals and objective truth. What would go wrong?

7 ways Christianity ruined science” at Babylon Bee

Note: You can download a sample chapter of Eric Hedin’s Canceled Science: What some atheists don’t want you to see

See also: Breaking News: Hitler vindicated because Darwin was the source of his ideas. Hey, Snopes! Fact check this!


At Snopes: Creationism “bears all the hallmarks of a conspiracy theory”
Curiously, Snopes admits, regarding the piece from The Conversation, “This content is shared here because the topic may interest Snopes readers; it does not, however, represent the work of Snopes fact-checkers or editors.” So… they can get away with publishing this kind of thing because they did not check it out? That is further evidence that Snopes is going downhill fast as a rumor squelching site.

—<Quote ends>—

I’d argue that in less than 40 years, Mainstream Science will be nothing more than a Ideologically Pure talk shop. There might be the occasional useful idea, but a great ocean of delusional – but emotionally pleasing and politically useful – nonsense as well.

Sadly, Christian academics are far more likely to do the safe thing, and go along with whatever illogical — but grant-securing and privilege-protecting — string of self-evident lies the secularists are yelling about (see The Well-Deserved Inferiority Complex of High-Tuition Christian Colleges and “Christian Higher Education” Is an Oxymoron for details).

It’s going to be up to Christian laymen – and not the totally compromised and studiously irrelevant professors, scholars, pastors, and denominational leaders – to put things right.

And is going to take some time, for the brighter members of the masses to train up and inform their fellows, and grow their leadership skills.

Victory has a price, and it must be paid.

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