The End of the Media Empire

Regarding “Woke” Progressive culture:

The correct strategy is to expose, oppose, and build superior alternatives. You can’t beat something with nothing.

Decentralization favors creativity. That is where we are headed.

We do not have to submit to Hollywood any longer. The movie theaters are shut. Hollywood is close to bankruptcy. We do not have to watch Netflix movies, which mostly are not any good. Amazon movies are no better.

We do not have to read their newspapers and magazines.

We do not have to watch their YouTube videos.

We can bypass the woke culture. That is what we are doing. Blogs are multiplying like mushrooms after a rain. So are podcasts. “Every man a Limbaugh” is this generation’s version of Luther’s “every man a priest.”

Woke culture follows the Leftist policy of capturing one-way media at the top. These are the media of “sit there and listen.” But the rest of us do not have to sit there and listen any longer. Once we get out of the Left’s classrooms, we are no longer a captive audience. We can listen to somebody else — preferably someone with a sense of humor. Limbaugh was a master in the early years of getting conservatives to laugh at the Left. The Left cannot tolerate this.

They will overplay their hand.

Wokedom’s Backlash Problem by Gary North

The future is coming.

And it’s looking good!

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