The Modern “White Supremacist”

Nonetheless, his story gives readers a terrifying glimpse of the next generation of grim conformists being pumped out by the nation’s education establishment.

These holy terrors are tormenting newsrooms across New York City — at New York magazine, The New Yorker and The New York Times. They are true believers, not original thinkers — race-obsessed, gender-obsessed, anti-white, anti-American, and much, much stupider than reporters used to be. Just tell me what I’m supposed to think and I’ll think it. These are the sort of people who ought to be office managers ordering staples and mousepads, not people who report news.

This is why newspapers can’t be trusted anymore. Reporters need to have a normal person’s understanding of what words mean, so they can get on with the story.

If a field is described as “barren,” we don’t need to know the precise size, type and amount of vegetation per square foot. But if we find out that by “barren,” reporters mean “lush,” then every word becomes suspect, and we’re going to need six paragraphs detailing the precise amount of greenery in the field. Not one word they use can be believed.

Attack of the Woke Teen Career Killers
Ann Coulter

This is what happens when words are not used to describe God-created reality, but to conjure up the wishes of powerful and politically-connected men.

God can be trusted. People who love God and honour the truth can usually be trusted.

Our current Masters cannot be trusted.

More to the point, if reporters call someone a “white supremacist,” we need to know if the Times‘ definition of “white supremacist” includes a person who:

— questions race preferences in hiring and college admissions;

— believes most people are in prison because they committed crimes; or

— admires Western culture.

And if they say someone is “anti-Semitic,” we better not find out they’re talking about a guy who told a joke about his mother saying he’d never make it through med school.

These sourpuss zealots are in such a mad race to show their wokeness, they are useless as conduits for the news. What they do isn’t “reporting.” It’s terrorism.

I admit, I tend not to worry much about the thought crimes.

So long as a man’s life, liberty and property is respected — regardless of race or sex — than it is immaterial to me if you don’t like that man very much. Or even if you bar him from coming into your private home, or restaurant, or land.

You have your stuff… and he has his stuff.

The problems kick in when the powerful start moving boundary lines, rewriting the law to take stuff from powerless people, and stealing things that doesn’t belong to them.

But that’s the crime of theft and corruption and perversion and contempt of the Godly concept of Equality Before the Law.

And such crimes are crimes against God and Man, regardless if the corrupt judge is a True Christian, or Truly Woke, or a Muslim, or an Atheist, or Progressive, or Conservative, or a Monarchist, or a Republican, or a Collectivist… or a White Supremacist, or a Black Supremacist, or a Racial Egalitarian.

Unlawful action is what the Law must fight, in the courts of men.

Unlawful thoughts is to be judged in Another Court, before Another Judge. Not in the courts of men – Christian or otherwise – in time and on earth.

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